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Get rich from raising ornamental pigeons – when the time comes, it’s too late to stop

pet pigeons
Get rich from raising ornamental pigeons – when the time comes, it’s too late to stop

“Rich fish, quite bird” is a mantra that is no longer strange to us. But did you know that, pet pigeons can bring income up to hundreds of billions of dong, such an income is no longer “good”! Let’s learn about this rich pigeon farming.

Top pigeons are loved by Vietnamese people

Feeding the Lion Pigeon

Feeding the Lion Pigeon
Lion Pigeon

This is the number one bird that makes pigeon breeders crazy, the lion pigeon is also known by another name, the trumpeter. The reason they are called lions is because around their necks there are thick, bouncy hairs like the true lord of the jungle. Although beautiful, that plumage also limits the ability of this pigeon to fly.

With a slender build, medium size, long wings and legs, short flattened tail, white, gray or multicolored feathers. The lion pigeon converges all the beauty that makes pigeon breeders fall in love. Therefore, the price of lion pigeons is not cheap, a pair can sell for more than 10 million VND if it is too beautiful. The normal ones cost from 2 million or more.

Breeding spread-tailed Japanese pigeons

spread-tailed Japanese pigeon
Japanese dove with spread tail

With a multi-colored coat such as: white, yellow, or black, especially with a fan-shaped tail, legs with long feathers, a crest with a pyramidal shape and curved upwards, a protruding chest forming an S-shaped shape. Beautiful is the word that can be given to this pigeon species, therefore, ornamental pigeon owners are constantly hunting and looking for Japanese pigeons to raise.

Raising chrysanthemum pigeons

chrysanthemum dove
Chrysanthemum dove

Again a pigeon that has never ceased to be hot in the pigeon farming world. Possessing a funny head like a chrysanthemum flower, flawless white fur, they have many colors such as white and black. People often buy this pigeon because of its special head shape.

Raising rocket pigeons

Raising rocket pigeons
Raising rocket pigeons

Possessing a strong and special name, rocket pigeons are quite popular with ornamental pigeons. With a slim, slim body, the head and tail are black, the legs are red and the body is white. There are two types of doves: doves with lightning and doves without lightning.

Breeding Nicoban pigeons

Nicobar pigeon
Nicobar pigeon

One of the prized pigeons was hunted by the name Nicoba. Nicoba especially pleases everyone with its long, smooth, peacock-like coat. Although it is a purebred Vietnamese breed, it is more difficult to raise than other pigeon breeds. Therefore, owning them is quite difficult and the price is also very expensive. This bird is sold on the market very little and costs up to tens of millions.

Raising pigeons to change lives, earn billions

Pigeons have many types and varieties of color and appearance, in addition to French pigeons that can make a profit from meat, other types of ornamental pigeons are very valuable because they are hunted by many players and want to own them. a bird on the scene.

Especially, the Japanese lion and spread pigeons are very popular because of their beautiful and majestic appearance. Having a feng shui meaning, many rich people choose to raise pigeons as an ornamental. But not every lion or spread Japanese pigeon is selling well, the pigeon must have its own standards such as the right color, the thick feathers, the healthy elite.

People who get rich from raising ornamental pigeons do not hesitate to reveal that a pair of Dutch mutant lion pigeons with beautiful crests can be sold for about 10 million VND/pair when they are just over 1 month old. sometimes there is no stock to deliver to customers.

Raising pigeons changes life
Raising pigeons to change lives, earn billions

There are many beautiful pigeon species that are popular and famous in the world of ornamental pigeons but are easy to raise, not picky but bring high profits. That’s why many people make a fortune from raising ornamental pigeons. However, not everyone who raises them will get rich. It takes technical knowledge, cool hands, and passion for pigeon farming to reap results.

If you want to raise good pigeons, please refer to the following article: https://agrisearch.net/?p=8937&preview=true

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