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From planting in the ground to growing on high

Best hydroponic system for strawberries

Strawberry Market

World strawberry production has grown exponentially over the past decade, with Europe being the continent with the largest production expansion worldwide (47.7% of world production). This is followed by North and Central America (29.40%), this remarkable growth is due to a sharp increase in consumption demand, as this is considered a fruit with a high vitamin C content, close to that of the family fruit. citrus. (Source: Trade map)

In Spain, about 93 to 95% of strawberry production is found in the province of Huelva. This is mainly for the European markets, which are growing increasingly more demanding with regard to production conditions and techniques, which must aim for efficient use of resources and minimize the impact on the environment caused by this activity.

One of the main plants grown using hydroponics is strawberries. Hydroponic systems in soil are called semi-hydroponics. The need for crop rotation, mainly developed by family farmers in small areas, has influenced the research of new growth forms to meet their needs.

Best hydroponic system for strawberries

The history of using water and pesticides in large quantities to grow strawberries forced conscientious producers to change their farming practices, through which the Aerial Hydroponic Strawberry Cultivation Method was adopted. With this method pests and diseases are reduced naturally.

With the growing of strawberries in an overhead hydroponic system, we have the ability to produce the maximum yield per day compared to the traditional method, thereby reaping more benefits. Another big advantage, is that we get more yield per square meter which, as we will see later, allows us to increase planting density.

Traditional farming methods lead to:

  • Little control over the use of water and nutrients, resulting in large costs and overexploitation of water resources. Watering strawberries is especially complicated because it is grown under mulch, on sandy soils, with low water holding capacity.
  • Simple crop protection method, no control over surrounding conditions.
  • Pollution is lost in farming, which has caused much criticism on the environmental aspect.
  • Plants are grown in the soil layer, creating problems in finding labor and workers, thereby low productivity.

Solution for growing hydroponics on high

All this has led to the development of techniques such as using the best aerial hydroponic systems for strawberries, creating optimization of resources and providing benefits such as:

  • Techniques for reducing soil and surface water contamination by leaching. Soil disinfection and deep fertilization are not necessary.
  • Better efficiency in water use and sewer recirculation.
  • Higher quantity and quality of crops. Better production and performance of crops.
  • Better nutrient control for crops (Automatic Local Irrigation)
  • This soilless type of growth allows growth in any location. Allows development near distribution and consumption points thereby saving transportation costs and environmental pollution.
  • Reduce phytosanitary treatments when the plant is well ventilated.
  • Working conditions are improved and optimized due to the altitude that the overhead hydroponic system provides when harvesting crops. Reduce at least 50% of collection costs.
  • Having a “Super-intensive high-tech system” such as a lifting hydroponic system allows us to maximize our production and use of resources, produce more with less area, be more rational and respectful. environment. Up to 20000 plants/Ha.
  • Improved crop performance and cost-effectiveness, compared to other types of farming.

Thanks to the “separator” that the Hydrophonics system has, the substrate is uniformly moistened, allowing the strawberry root system to fully proliferate, allowing for optimal growth contact area. Root diseases are reduced because they are found in more aerated areas and they are not exposed to drains, so there is no need to apply phytosanitary products.

As we can see, the growing interest in the market in the range of berries over the years has led the industry to create new tools and production systems that years ago were the thing. unthinkable, resulting in a huge reduction in labor costs, which are hard to find and expensive. In Spain, according to “Revista Mercados” in their February 2019 article on strawberry picking, in 2019 23,000 job requests were provided to strawberry picking workers in Huelva, just 970 people responded and expressed interest, which is only 4.2 % of the unemployed registered in this area, showing a lack of interest in a province with an unemployment rate of 25%.

Development of High altitude hydroponic system allowing manufacturers to achieve greater efficiency in quality levels and production speed.

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