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Find out the origin of the poodle breed, characteristics, personality

With long, curly fur like lovely stuffed animals, the poodle breed captivates dog lovers with its lovely and lovely appearance. Not only attractive in appearance, this breed is also extremely intelligent, loyal and agile. The lovely point of this pet breed always makes pet dog lovers want to learn about them.

1. Origin of the poodle breed

The Poodle, also known as the duck hound, is a small breed of pet dog that is popular around the world. In the past, dogs were originally bred for the purpose of hunting waterfowl, including ducks. The name “Poodle” comes from the German word “Pudel”, which means “wading dog”.

The Poodle’s history is currently covered by a wide range of publications. Germany, France, and Denmark all assert that they are the birthplace of this breed. The French Water Dog, Hungarian Water Dog, and Barbet Wading Dog are the three oldest dog breeds that are thought to have existed in Europe at the time the Poodle’s forebears first arose. Today’s purebred Poodles are thought to be decedents of this breed because of their shared physical characteristics and personality.

First, the Poodle is trained to hunt. Then, with their intelligent and agile nature, they were bred to perform circus entertainment. Later, this dog was raised as an ornamental and companion due to its lovely and cute appearance. Currently, the poodle is one of the most popular pet dogs.


The lovely appearance of the Poodle (Photo: Collectibles)

2. Appearance characteristics of the Poodle

The distinguishing feature of the Poodle breed is its long, curly, and fluffy coat. Poodle fur is quite special, they tend to grow out like human hair. Their coat does not have a maximum standard that will continuously grow and will not shed or change hair like some other breeds. Looking at these pets, many people will probably think of lovely and lovely stuffed animals. It is also this feature that makes the Poodle one of the most popular pet dog breeds. The poodle’s coat is usually the same color as the skin. Their coat color is quite diverse including black, milk coffee, blue, silver, gray, …

The Poodle has an intelligent, agile appearance with a harmonious body proportion. Compared to other dog breeds, the poodle belongs to a small breed of dog. There are 3 types of Poodles: large poodles, medium-sized poodles and small-sized poodles. Standard Poodle (large-sized poodle) usually has a size ranging from 35-45cm, weight can be up to 30kg. Miniature Poodle (medium-sized Poodle), usually has a size ranging from 28-35cm with an adult dog weight ranging from 9kg. Toy Poodle (small-sized poodle) will have a size from 24 – 28cm with heavy fishing about 4-5 kg.


A very cute Toy Poodle (Photo: Collectibles)

The poodle has a cute face with a high left rhyme, and lowered ears. There is a part of wavy hair on the ear. The dog’s muzzle is straight and long. The eyes are large, clear, black or brown. The distance between the two eyes is quite far apart. The body of the poodle is neat, 4 legs opposite, and the feet are small and pretty. The tail of a poodle is usually about 8-12 cm long. This breed of dog usually has an upward tail. The body is in harmony, so the dog’s gait is quite elegant and agile.

3. Personality of the Poodle

The Poodle is a fairly intelligent dog. They can quickly learn human training. This dog is quite active, cheerful, looks quite cute and adorable. Originally a training dog to hunt ducks, this breed is very loyal in nature and has a high ability to learn. They easily become close friends with owners.

The Poodle breed also has the advantage of being gentle, cheerful, sociable with people and other pets. They are quite active and agile. They often like to play and walk with their owners. This breed is considered one of the easiest dog breeds to teach. They learn very quickly the training commands, so the owner needs to teach and train them when they are young to make them more obedient.


Poodles often bark a lot (Photo: Collectibles)

In addition to the good qualities, the Poodle breed also has bad qualities such as barking a lot and being irritable. They are very sensitive and often startle easily. If not exercised, this breed will tend to become shy, with negative manifestations such as biting things, biting people.

The Poodle breed is now widely raised everywhere. In order to raise a healthy and loyal dog, it is essential to learn the characteristics of appearance and personality to have appropriate care and training methods. The information that the Agricultural Search shared above, hopes to help dog owners get the necessary knowledge about this breed.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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