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Feeding techniques to successfully raise basa fish

Basa Frish
Feeding fish is one of the important techniques

Basa fish farming This is a commercial model widely applied by fishermen in recent times, especially when Vietnamese basa fish is leading to assert its brand name and is a key export fish that brings great economic income. However, the quantity must go hand in hand with the quality for the export of basa fish to be effective in the long run. The technique of feeding basa fish is one of the important things contributing to the success of this “billion-dollar” model.

Types of fish feed

Raising basa in ponds can use one of two types of food: homemade food and industrial feed.

Basa Frish
Industrial feed for basa fish

Regarding industrial feed, the nutritional content is stable, and it is easy to use, store and transport easily. When using industrial feed to raise basa fish, people pay attention to feeding with protein content of 28 to 30%, in the following months, the protein content is gradually reduced to about 25 to 26%. In the last two months, only feeds with 20 to 22% protein content were used.

Basa Frish
Processing basa fish food

However, because the cost of industrial food is quite high, now, using homemade food is more applied. Basa fish farmers research, process and use their own food, because raw materials are cheap, easy to find and easy to use. However, homemade foods contain less nutrients than industrial foods and take longer to prepare.

Processing fish food

Processing basa fish food
Processing basa fish food

Ingredients for food processing include trash fish, trash dried fish, fish meal, soybeans, rice bran, broken, green vegetables and some other by-products. One advice for people is to mix more mineral and vitamin C premixes to stimulate fish to eat more and have better resistance.

How to prepare food:
Step 1: Mix the ingredients well
Step 2: Blend the mixture well
Step 3: Cook the blended mixture to a suitable temperature.
Industrial pellets usually come in both submerged and floating forms, which are well-balanced and balanced, with the right ingredients and nutritional content and the right dosage for the fish.
Do not feed foods containing banned chemicals, molds, or antibiotics, ensuring quality and food safety.

Feeding method

Basa Frish
How to feed basa fish?

Before feeding the basa fish, it is recommended to wrap the food into small round balls and then slowly spread it into the pond so that the fish can use it thoroughly.
Fish should be fed twice a day: in the morning from 6 to 10 am, in the afternoon from 16 to 18 pm.
Regularly observe and monitor fish eating as well as growth situation to calculate and adjust the appropriate amount of food.

Do not let fish eat less or excess food as well as do not feed fish with expired food.
In addition, regular cleaning of food processing places as well as food processing equipment and tools is extremely necessary.

To raise basa fish, it is necessary to have the right feeding method to ensure fast growth and good quality. With the above article, hopefully agri has provided you with useful experiences in feeding basa fish. Wish you success in developing this “golden egg” model.

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