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Favorable agriculture – An effective and sustainable way to get rich

Currently, the favorable agricultural model is one of the solutions to help farmers escape poverty sustainably. Because this model meets the goals of food security, increasing harvest productivity and contributing to environmental protection. So what is favorable agriculture? Let’s find out in this article!

What is favorable agriculture?

Natural agriculture is an agricultural model that follows the will of God. Do not exploit the soil so much that it does not have time to recover for the next crop. As for water, it is necessary to use it sparingly, not to break the stream or build a levee. Minimize the amount of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers on the soil and water.

Agriculture follows the development of nature
Agriculture follows the development of nature

According to experts in the field of horticulture, Thuan Thien agriculture is a relatively sustainable agriculture. People can both produce and still protect its inherent ecosystem. The thing to do is to sow the seeds and follow the development of nature.

Favorable agriculture was invented by a Japanese farmer named Masanobu Fukuoka. He is also one of the world’s leading agricultural researchers. According to him, this agricultural model is considered as a method of agricultural meditation. Because all species are closely related to each other, they grow and develop together. At the same time, they also overcome each other and are ready to eliminate “opponents” to maintain life in nature.

Five basic principles for favorable farming

According to Masanobu Fukuoka, for agriculture to follow nature will meet the following five basic principles:

Do not plow the land

It sounds like the opposite of farming methods. Because in the process of farming, people always consider this a very necessary method for farming. However, according to researcher Masanobu Fukuoka, no tillage is one of the five basic principles of favorable agriculture. He thinks that the soil will be stirred up thanks to the microorganisms present in the soil and the growth of plant roots. This means that the work of making the soil loose is also based on nature without using mechanization to plow.

No need to till the ground, limiting human intervention
No need to till the ground, limiting human intervention

In addition, when plowing that will create conditions for many types of weeds to overwhelm the plants. To deal with it, we must be involved with herbicides, etc., which are harmful to the environment. Therefore, if you want the soil to be loose, you can improve it by planting clover, spreading straw…

Do not use chemical fertilizers

Once man has made an impact on nature, it is very difficult to atone for “mistakes”. Therefore, not using chemical fertilizers is one of the principles to be avoided for favorable farming. Because fertilizers will absorb the inherent nutrients of the soil, making the soil more and more arid. If the soil is left to maintain itself naturally, it will be fertile over time, meeting the needs of the crops.

For favorable farming, you can use more green manures and manures to increase soil fertility. Spreading more straw and rice husk on the surface of the green manure layer is enough for the plant to grow and develop well.

Absolutely do not use herbicides

Weeds are one of the “strong opponents” that make farmers have a headache. That’s why many people choose to use herbicides. This inadvertently seriously affects nature: the land and water environment.

According to Fukuoka, weeds also contribute to the establishment of balance in a population of organisms. Therefore, to make agriculture favorable, we need to control the weed without destroying it. By mulching with a layer of straw, clover.. intercropping with food crops has contributed to weed control without disturbing the balance in nature.

Do not use herbicides that affect the environment
Do not use herbicides that affect the environment

Sow seeds at the right time

In favorable agriculture, sowing will usually be done while the crop is ripening. So those seeds will germinate before the weeds grow in the winter, after the rice has been harvested. At this time, the plant is large enough to grow and develop strongly. Therefore, choosing the right planting time gives the seedling an advantage over the weeds. Calculate how there is no gap between the seasons. After harvesting, the layer of straw covering the field will inhibit the growth of weeds.

No chemical dependence

Chemicals are the number one “enemy” causing imbalance of the ecosystem. This makes the plant more dependent. And without human intervention, it will become weaker, more susceptible to pest attack. Let’s train that “child” to be independent, to protect himself against the attack of the “enemy”. By a favorable agricultural model, plants will become strong, grow and develop quickly without much human intervention. As a result, farmers will become less difficult.

Favorable agriculture is really a sustainable and long-term development model. People will become more comfortable thanks to the “self-reliance” of plants. Free time to do more models and other jobs. This is indeed a useful method of getting rich for farmers.

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