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Farming robots landed in the village, agriculture bloomed

The Landing of Robots
The Landing of Farmer Robots of the Future

Talking about robots, people only think of industry, factories…but now robots crop was able to gallantly enter the agricultural realm in a grand manner. There are many elements to the robot crop become a great helper for agriculture, so what is it? Check out this article!

Landing of farming robots

farming robot
Farming robot

Robots can roughly do human jobs automatically through human control or pre-programmed microchips. Farming robots create convenience and support people in their work. We often see robots doing housework, serving robots in restaurants… now in agriculture, especially in farming, robots are also widely used and bring unexpected performance.

Robot farming is said to be the solution of the future, when by 2050 it is predicted that the Earth will grow to 9 billion people, then production will also increase to meet demand and robots will partially support humans. In agriculture, farming robots will do jobs such as packing goods, transporting, planting and today we will talk about farming activities of robots such as planting vegetables, harvesting vegetables, watering plants … are located. Using GPS helps the robot to move in the most accurate way.

Integrated with artificial intelligence to move flexibly and avoid obstacles, farming robots are often more suitable for use in greenhouses because they are easy to move, without many obstacles or lands rugged.

Planting robots make farming easier than ever

Planting robots make farming easier than ever
Planting robots make farming easier than ever

It may sound strange and fictional, but make no mistake, automatic farming robots are real! In the past, we only knew that bunches of vegetables and fruits were grown and cultivated by human hands, but now and in the future robots can do those jobs. Planting robots will support us from growing vegetables to watering mist, injecting nutrients, measuring temperature … and controlled by humans.

The Farmbot project will help us fulfill that dream of growing vegetables and growing plants automatically. With a structure like a movable arm, it has an intuitive and simple interface. Humans can observe and control through electronic devices, just look at the touch screen and drag and drop the vegetables into the place to be planted, they will automatically know what types of plants to grow and where.

Not only planting, but the farming robot Farmbot can also check weeds and pull out, automatically water… Even this robot can text us every time the vegetables are ready to harvest, it’s very convenient. and intelligent!

Robots help farmers harvest products

Robots to harvest products in farming
Robots to harvest products in farming

There is a planter robot, there is also a harvesting robot, helping to quickly and accurately harvest vegetables. Computer vision algorithms allow machines to determine the position of each product. The robot is designed as an arm that grabs the product with a clamp and then uses a small saw to safely cut it from a tree or tree.

Harvesting robots can work day and night for maximum productivity.

The harvesting robot also integrates AI to determine when a particular fruit or vegetable is ready to be harvested. However, there are still a few disadvantages because harvesting always requires elaborate and meticulous, and robots are just sturdy machines, so bruising vegetables, uprooting the whole plant is completely possible. . Robots can recognize ripe fruits and vegetables, but not always more accurately than human experience.

Robots do the work of controlling and weeding

Weeds are one of the factors that limit the growth of plants. Now humans have invented farming robots that can control weeds, automatically navigate the farm, and deliver targeted herbicide sprays to eliminate weeds. This approach reduces crop exposure to herbicides and helps prevent the growth of herbicide-resistant weeds.

Drones spray pesticides

Airplanes spray pesticides in farming
Airplanes spray pesticides in farming

Spraying pesticides is quite toxic work for humans, now there is an invention of drones to help spray pesticides from above comprehensively and limit bad impacts on the environment.

In foreign countries, the application of drones is too familiar, but in Vietnam, it is still strange and the application is small. But in the future this technology will be widely and strongly applied because of its unexpected benefits. In addition, drones can monitor the status of crops.

UAVs can tell where crops lack nitrogen, lack water or have pests
UAVs can tell where crops lack nitrogen, lack water or have pests

Besides, agricultural robots are capable of doing many other jobs such as checking the health of plants, cutting grass, pruning branches… like a real farmer. But is the future solution of this world agriculture an easy path?

Opportunities and challenges of using smart robots in farming


Convenience, agility, accuracy and 100% efficiency are the factors that make a real farming robot. As we all know, farming is a arduous job, having to get up early, the sunlight is full of dew and it takes a lot of effort. But through the application of technology in agriculture, using farming robots to replace humans will support farmers in part of the work.

Especially in countries with an aging population like Japan, where the lack of labor is a painful problem, using farming robots in agriculture to replace humans is a completely right direction. Not only supporting humans, but farming robots can bring amazing results, high productivity, save water, pesticides as well as limit the negative impact on the environment.

When everything is automated, the work becomes easier, farmers can update their farm status wherever they are. It can be said that farming robots have a lot of potential and deserve to become a typical face contributing to the growing world agriculture.


With opportunities, there will also be challenges, the first is the issue of cost and price. People have a saying “modern, harmful to electricity”, the more advanced things are, the more money they will have to pay, the cost of investing in machinery is very expensive that farmers sometimes cannot afford.

Besides, the use of smart farming robots requires the Internet, if there is no Internet or the network is slow, the work will be considered interrupted. But this problem in the future will be overcome when 5G takes the throne.

Farming robot has become an effective arm of agriculture, so where is the human position?

Robots no matter how advanced they are, they cannot replace and completely deny humans
Robots, no matter how advanced they are, cannot replace and completely deny humans

When everything is automated, human labor is like excess. Will farming robots in the future steal the jobs of farmers? Will farming robots increase the unemployment rate of farmers on their own land? These are the concerns and concerns that we always think about. And here is the answer:

“We do not expect robots to completely replace humans,” one scientist once said, “We expect robots to help humans in difficult tasks that humans cannot do.”

There are things that farming robots can do, but there are jobs that need to be meticulous and elaborate. Robots, no matter how advanced, cannot replace and completely deny humans. Until the robot learns to love and treat its vegetable garden and fruit garden well the way humans cherish finished products.

The time when robot farming is widely used is still far away. According to Bernstein, that depends on capital investment, communication and other issues. Maybe in a decade or so, maybe the strawberry you hold in your hand, the table full of green vegetables that you eat is the fruit of a farming robot.

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