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Expanding aquaculture development – Tien Giang brings into full play its potential

Tien Giang has an interlaced network of rivers and canals, a diverse ecosystem due to its downstream location, which is an advantage for the expansion of aquaculture and aquaculture development.

By the beginning of July 2020, Tien Giang province has stocked nearly 11,500ha of aquatic products for consumption and export processing, reaching over 73% of the 2020 target. The province is gradually implementing the goal of promoting its potential. capacity of aquaculture in all three ecological zones of freshwater, brackish and saltwater to adapt to climate change to help local people increase their income and stabilize their lives.

Commonly farmed objects with high economic value include field fish, catfish, giant freshwater shrimp, black tiger shrimp, white-leg shrimp, clams and mollusks.

Expanding seafood development – Tien Giang brings into full play its potential

In the first 6 months of 2020, the locality achieved nearly 143,000 tons of fish and shrimp farming and fishing. Because of its favorable geographical position, located downstream of the Tien River, adjacent to the East Sea, Tien Giang province has an interlaced network of rivers and canals, a diverse ecosystem including fresh areas in the west, brackish areas in the west. East, saline estuary and Go Cong coastal areas.

These are the advantages that nature bestows on this land to expand aquaculture, create a source of agricultural products with high economic value to meet market demand, especially industry. seafood processing for export very developed in the province Tien Giang.

Tien Giang province attaches importance to and promotes the planning of farming areas, strengthens the transfer of science and technology, helps intensive farmers achieve high productivity and output, encourages the replication of effective business models. high economic results in agriculture, orienting to convert production in difficult areas to aquaculture to adapt to climate change… to maximize this important economic potential.

Tien Giang forms concentrated aquaculture areas throughout the province such as cage fish farming on the Tien River, intensive catfish farming in the Tien River upstream, and rice-fish production areas in Hau commune. My Bac A (Cai Be district), fish seed production area in Tan Hoi commune, Cai Lay town, rice-shrimp area in coastal Phu Tan (Tan Phu Dong district); industrial scale shrimp farming areas in South and North Go Cong (Go Cong Dong district), Con Cong (Tan Phu Dong district), concentrated clam farming areas in Tan Thanh coastal area (Go Cong Dong district) on an area of ​​up to up to 2,200ha…

Since the beginning of the year, many models of applying science and technology to improve the efficiency of aquaculture are being deployed strongly in the area.

The province is continuing to invest in intensive farming of vannamei shrimp on an area of ​​379ha with nearly 100 participating households in two key districts, Go Cong Dong and Tan Phu Dong.

At the same time, implementing the Project “Building a model of raising pangasius fingerlings using high technology to link consumption in Southern provinces” has a 3-year implementation period (from 2020 to 2022) in Tien Giang province with a scale of 6ha of high-tech pangasius fingerling.

In particular, in order to strengthen the popularization of scientific knowledge and raise the level of salt and brackish aquaculture for people along the coast of Go Cong, the province is implementing pilot models including: a 3-stage vannamei shrimp farming model. in the composite tank with a scale of 10,000 post white shrimp on the composite tank; testing biological filtration system circulating water, experimenting with mantis shrimp farming… to give results and propagate in bulk.

In addition, over the past time, the locality has also transferred the aquaculture process in the direction of GAP. As a result, up to now, Tien Giang has 6.4ha of pangasius farming with GlobalGAP certification, 15.8ha of ASC certified pangasius, 45.9ha of VietGAP certified pangasius, 2ha of whiteleg shrimp farming with VietGAP certification. VietGAP certification.

Source: vietnamplus.vn

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