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Evaluation of sprinkler nozzle S2000

Sprinkler S2000

Evaluation of sprinkler nozzle S2000

S2000 sprinkler is manufactured by Rivulis Israel. Beets are designed and manufactured specifically for watering fruit trees.

Sense of quality

Structure of sprinkler nozzle S2000

When holding the Rivulis S2000 sprinkler, my first impression is that it is very solid, the body and components are thick, fit in the hand.

I can easily perform operations such as turning the screw, disassembling parts.

Solid plastic body frame. Particularly, the rotating disc layer is used with a special plastic so that it does not wear out when the nozzle is watered in the garden over the years.

In general, by sensory evaluation, the S2000 sprinkler is a high-quality sprinkler that seems to be very durable.

main feature

Evaluation of sprinkler nozzle S2000The S2000 sprinkler is designed specifically for watering fruit trees, especially under the tree, requiring high durability, suitable for watering needs from a young tree to a large tree.

Some of the key features of the Rivulis S2000 sprinkler include:

  • Pressure compensation feature: This feature helps the flow and radius at all locations in the garden to be equal. This is the main and most important feature of a sprinkler that requires a high degree of uniformity. There is a note, with high-quality sprinklers, whether 5 years or 10 years later, the pressure compensation feature is still maintained and stable operation. The flow control rubber pad has very good elasticity during operation, not affected by environmental conditions – weather.
  • Radius adjustment feature: This is also a particularly important feature of the series Irrigate under the root for fruit trees. When the plant is newly planted, the roots and the area to be wet are only about 50cm; then wet irrigation needs can be increased to 1m after 6 months; As the plant grows, the wet area can increase to 2m-3m…. The S2000 nozzle is specially designed with a limited plastic mount and adjustable radius. When the plastic mount is inserted, the radius will be limited to less than 1m. In the process of using watering plants, users can expand the angle of the mount to increase the radius, until the mount is completely removed, the radius can reach up to 5m (10m wetted diameter).
  • Anti-insect feature: For fruit trees, we will have a long break between the watering season and the non-irrigating season. Then it is possible that spiders, ants and other insects will enter and nest in the drawer. And of course, we will have a hard time going to the toilet every time the watering season comes. With the S2000, the anti-insect feature will prevent all kinds of insects from entering the nest. Every irrigation season comes, we can immediately operate a whole system without having to go to the toilet for each sprinkler head.
  • Diversity of irrigation flow and irrigation radius. Understand the actual requirements for irrigation water for each crop; the water supply capacity of each project, and even the irrigation scale for each project. Rivulis pays special attention to the variety of irrigation radii. The flow of the S2000 ranges from 29 liters to 300 liters.
  • Diversity of irrigation radius. S2000 usually has an irrigation radius from 1.0m to 5.5m each
  • Detachability.

(Refer to catalog S2000 sprinkler)

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