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Effective and high yielding techniques for growing broccoli

Broccoli, also known as broccoli, is considered a super food for human health. Broccoli is very nutritious, has anti-cancer effects, controls diabetes, etc. So do you want to have a pot of broccoli? Please refer to the following article to know more about Techniques for growing broccoli Please.

  1. Prepare pots

You can take advantage of discarded items such as: Styrofoam boxes, plastic bowls, plastic buckets, water bottles, etc. Or you can buy a few trays and pots to grow vegetables.

Broccoli can be grown in places with cool weather
Broccoli can be grown in places with cool weather

Remember to punch holes in these items so that when watering too much or raining, the water can escape out of the tree and won’t be waterlogged.

  1. Land for planting

Broccoli can be grown on many types of soil, but it is best to buy clean soil to grow.

You can mix more coconut fiber to loosen up and add organic fertilizer, cinnamon, cow dung to provide nutrition. You can mix in ratio: 2:1:1

  1. Prepare the seeds

It is recommended to use high-quality seeds from reputable companies and some local varieties.

You can buy seeds at agricultural stores, supermarkets or on facebook, and many places sell or even ship to you.

  1. Nursery

You should use clean coconut fiber that has been drained into a foam tray or planter for incubation. During the sprouting stage, seedlings only need enough water to grow.

After the plant has 2-3 true leaves, start mixing with a very small amount of nitrogen and phosphorus to water the plants to stimulate young roots.

After sowing, water 1-2 times/day for 3-5 days. When the seeds sprouted, water them every 2 days.)

Prune diseased plants that do not meet the standards.  When the plant has 5-6 true leaves, it will be uprooted.
Prune diseased plants that do not meet the standards. When the plant has 5-6 true leaves, it will be uprooted.
  1. Plant a tree

Before planting, you should water the soil first. Plant the plant 40 x 50 cm from the tree. Planting trees should be planted in the afternoon to reduce water loss, watering enough moisture daily.

  1. Take care of

New planting stage should be watered twice a day in the early morning and late afternoon for the plants to be moist enough to quickly take root. When green anise has taken root, water once every 2-3 days.

Weed regularly to limit pests.

Cover flowers to protect flowers, limit diseases, and rain water to fall on flowers. After planting 40-50 days (the flower bud stage has a diameter of 4-5cm) can break the leaves to cover the flowers.

Top dressing to add a little nitrogen fertilizer for plants, can use soybean oil cake to irrigate plants.

First time: Take root in green anise 7 days after planting.

Second time: 20-25 days after planting.

For the third time, you need to add potassium, you can spread kitchen ash or organic fertilizer: 45 days after planting, before the plants flower. This period provides enough nutrients for the plant to grow quickly and firmly.

In order to grow this broccoli effectively, you should use manual measures such as: breaking the nest of eggs, catching and killing young caterpillars when the density of caterpillars is low (applicable to gray caterpillars, silkworms, white caterpillars, caterpillars, and caterpillars). cavity).

Regularly visit the garden to detect and remove and destroy diseased plants, especially green wilt.

You can also use pheromone traps to catch adult silkworms from beginning to end or use biological drugs to prevent harmful fungi.

Note: Ensure isolation period with fertilizer at least 10-14 days before harvesting.

  1. Harvest

When cauliflower flower age is 15-20 days, you should harvest and trim (large plants first, smaller plants later).

Remove the base leaves so that only some of the leaves are close to the flower. Pay attention not to wash with water because it is easy to rot.

Should be harvested early in the morning when the sun has risen and the dew is dry.

Above is the article on how to grow your broccoli, are you ready to start planting right now? You will immediately have a delicious, nutritious green cauliflower garden.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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