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Eating peanuts often good or bad?

Peanut is one of the popular agricultural products of Vietnam’s agriculture, it is also one of the ingredients that often appear in the eating and drinking activities of many families. However, eating peanuts regularly is beneficial or harmful? In this article, we have the answer to this question.

According to research by American scientists, peanuts have very strong biological properties that help prevent cancer, enhance immune function and anti-aging. So what are the specific uses of peanuts?

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1. Eating peanuts regularly helps reduce the risk of having a baby with a birth defect

Women during pregnancy or in early pregnancy, if supplemented from peanuts with 400g folic acid per day, will reduce the risk of birth defects by 70%. Moreover, peanuts also contain a high amount of calcium, 10 different amino acids that support the physical and brain development of the baby. For pregnant women, this type of nut contains a high amount of fat and protein that has the effect of tonic blood, lactation, and recovery of the body after childbirth.

2. Eating peanuts regularly helps prevent premature aging

“Longevity fruit” is the name that the ancients used to give peanuts. Why is that? Peanuts contain catechin, which has a strong anti-aging effect, in addition to lysine, which also works to prevent premature aging. Therefore, when regularly using peanuts as food will be very good in anti-aging.

3. Eat peanuts regularly to balance cholesterol

The fat in peanuts is a type of monounsaturated polyunsaturated. The special thing in peanuts helps to reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol in the blood. As a result, cholesterol is balanced to help prevent arterial diseases and strokes.

4. Eating peanuts regularly prevents diabetes

Diabetes is a fairly common disease in Vietnam today. To completely cure this disease is very complicated, so if it can be prevented, it will be the best. In peanuts, a mineral that plays an important role in fat metabolism, calcium absorption and blood sugar regulation is Manganese. One serving of peanuts reduces the risk of diabetes by 21%. This is very good news for people suffering from this disease.

Small doses of peanut protein can turn allergies around |  Science News
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5. Anti-osteoporosis

Calcium and vitamin D in peanuts combine to create strong bones and good for teeth health.

6. Weight loss and blood circulation

Many people mistakenly believe that peanuts are high in fat, however, in fact, many nutritionists believe that peanuts can help you control weight and prevent obesity very effectively.

Thus, the regular use of peanut salt makes you healthier when not in use.

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