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Easy Plants To Grow In The Balcony For Your Reference

Plants that are easy to grow in the balcony sought after by many homeowners. These plants do not require high care conditions but still bring a beautiful landscape, helping to filter the air in the best way. In today’s article, we will send you some beautiful, easy-care balcony plants. If this is also a topic that interests you, do not rush to skip the article below!

Climbing rose tree

When it comes to balcony plants, we can’t help but mention a flower, which is climbing roses. Climbing roses are one of the best sun-tolerant balcony plants, the plant has a high level of growth and development in a sunny environment.

Climbing rose belongs to the Rose family, has a green climbing stem, a woody base. The stems grow fast, the flowers are beautiful and luxurious, and the scent is seductive and gentle.

Climbing roses are easy plants to grow in balconies for beautiful romantic landscapes
Climbing roses are easy plants to grow in balconies for beautiful romantic landscapes

Climbing rose is a plant that can tolerate heat very well, so it is often used by people as a decorative plant to grow on the balcony.

Not only bringing romantic natural beauty to the house, emitting a gentle and comfortable fragrance, climbing roses are also a good sun-resistant balcony plant that brings children to the shade of the balcony, especially suitable for growing ears. balcony area.

Periwinkle flower tree

Flowering plants are not climbing like other flowers, coconut flower trees are often planted in the form of a set pot, or a hanging pot so that the flowers hang down to create beautiful flower lines.

Periwinkle flowers are sun-tolerant balcony plants in the form of sun-loving flowers, and are resistant to heat, and have extremely good drought tolerance. Not only that, the flowers also bloom all year round in the balcony hanging environment.

When in the balcony area there is so much sun and harsh wind, but the coconut flower tree still grows quite well and tolerates the environment there.

Coconut flower tree is easy to grow, easy to care for and less harmful, so it is easy to fit into many different positions and shapes of balconies.

The balcony covered with periwinkle flowers always creates a unique highlight
The balcony covered with periwinkle flowers always creates a unique highlight

Not creating shade as much as other flowering plants, but periwinkle flowers are sun-resistant balcony plants that bring beauty because the flowers bloom are extremely fresh and vibrant full of life.

Paper flowers

The bougainvillea is a climbing flower, the woody stem is very resistant to sunlight and drought, the trunk and branches are very flexible, so it is easy for people to use as a climbing plant in the balcony according to their wishes.

The bougainvillea is chosen by people as a good sun-tolerant balcony plant because it can adapt to the lack, harshness and limitations of the balcony, which is sun and drought. Not only that, the plant also has the ability to grow extremely well for flowers that bloom all year round.

Bonsai trees are chosen by people to grow on their balconies, because spicy also brings shade to your home, bringing more natural and brilliant beauty to the house and surrounding grounds.

Paper flowers are considered a very easy plant to grow in the balcony
Paper flowers are considered a very easy plant to grow in the balcony

Rhododendron plant

Rhododendron is also one of the balcony plants that tolerate heat very well. So if planted in a balcony with lots of sun and wind, evening primrose is one of the most suitable planting options.

The evening primrose plant is also known as the sulphur tree, with a green climbing stem and very glossy leaves. The plant’s flowers are shaped like lilies, but are more vibrant and golden in color.

Evening primrose has yellow flowers, in the form of climbing flowers, so people who grow balconies can wind around the balcony with different designs.

Royal herbs give the balcony an impressive beauty
Royal herbs give the balcony an impressive beauty

Worm flower tree

Worm flower tree is one of the good sun-tolerant balcony plants that many families choose to plant.

Worm flower, also known as the flower of the gentleman, has the scientific name Combretum indicum
Worm flower, also known as a gentleman’s flower, has the scientific name Combretum indicum

Worm flower tree is a climbing flower with glossy green branches and leaves, flexible with red flower clusters that are quite prominent and brilliant. Worm flowers bloom very beautifully and give off a very pleasant fragrance, making the space around your home more lively and pleasant.

Worm flower plants are easy to grow and easy to care for. You can grow this sun-tolerant balcony plant with branches and you only need a pot to fix the plant in an angle to squeeze the climbing plants to your liking on your balcony.

Worm flower tree has a very good tolerance to sun and wind, so the tree is considered a very good shaded balcony plant, creating shade for the balcony area as well as cooling the house to reduce the temperature of the surrounding area. around.

We hope that with the content of the article that we share. You will better understand the types of plants that are easy to grow on the balcony to beautify your living space. Thank you for your interest in following the article!

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