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Eagle Breeding Techniques Bring Great Profits

Keeping a pet has become an elegant hobby of people after stressful and tiring working hours. Besides Dogs and Cats, the Eagle is also a pet that is welcomed by many Vietnamese players. According to the experience of birders, the Eagle is a pet that needs to be cared for quite hard, so if you intend to keep this pet, you need to understand the characteristics and how to take care of them. So Eagle breeding techniques Is there any point worth noting? The following article will help you get more information on this topic.

Characteristics of the Eagle

With each different species of Eagle, there will be different identification points, but the most prominent is the color of the feathers as well as the size of each species. The largest species of Eagle has a body length of more than 1m and can weigh 7kg. And the lightest species is only 0.4m and weighs more than 0.5kg. What distinguishes the Eagle from other species is that the female is usually larger than the male and heavier than the male.

Each type of Eagle will have different identifying characteristics
Each type of Eagle will have different identifying characteristics

The eagle’s wingspan is more than 3m long and weighs up to 30kg according to some documents. But in fact, eagles are smaller than that, their wingspan is only from 1.5m to 2m long. Eagles often nest in mountains or tall trees, their nests are often very large and they often have the habit of returning many branches to make their nests more and more solid. The main nest is the place where the female bird lays her eggs, each spawning period, the female usually gives 2 eggs. And the baby birds will have to fight each other, whoever wins will be raised until adulthood.

Eagle farming techniques

To be able to raise a healthy Eagle will cost a lot of money in terms of economy as well as hard work in caring for or training and preventing diseases for birds. But if you are persistent enough to raise and take good care of them, they will bring surprisingly high economic profits.

Eagles are fierce and stubborn birds
Eagles are fierce and stubborn birds

This bird is quite stubborn, wild and hard to train. This is a symbol of power, the lord of the sky and the King bird. Therefore, owning and purebring an Eagle is also the dream of many people. In some countries around the world, the hobby of Eagle is also recognized as a sport and is regulated under the form of licensing. In Vietnam, the Eagle pet has become a fashion for many players to show their class.

To be able to raise an Eagle you need to tame them first, this taming takes a long, patient and not simple process that can take months or even years to tame. If you are a bird that you caught from the wild, you need to train them to gradually get used to people, perch and eat on gloves, gradually get used to the enemy and train them to eat according to voice commands. Then train them to hunt fake and real prey. When you get used to people, you should let the birds fly freely and let them hunt naturally.

Because you catch them in the wild, they are still very wild, so during training you need to be very vigilant and careful, it is best to use protective gear during Eagle training to avoid injury.

Eagles are birds that fly a lot, so calcium supplementation for their wings as well as their skeleton is definitely very important. Young Eagles also need a lot of calcium to help build strong bones and grow feathers evenly.

Usually the most suitable food for Eagles is sparrows, quails, pigeons
Usually the most suitable food for Eagles is sparrows, quails, pigeons

The most suitable food for young Eagles are quails, sparrows, and pigeons. You can feed them boneless chicken neck, then finely chop it and then feed it. Eagles are usually very lazy to eat bran, so you can mix a little meat with bran to stimulate the Eagle to eat.

Unlike other pets, the Eagle’s diet needs to be carefully calculated, needing to have the right amount of food for the weight of the bird. There are five-month-old birds that can eat an entire quail a day.

Every day, it is necessary to provide fresh lean meats without fat and do not give them cold food. Daily eagle food can range from 100,000 VND – 200,000 VND/day with raw meat such as quail, mouse. Besides, during the Eagle’s convalescence period, it is very expensive to add liver, cow’s heart and pigeons to them.

Besides eating, training them is also very difficult. First, it is necessary to train them to land on their own skin and be able to fly on their hands. It is best to train them from a young age by blowing a whistle or whistling as soon as the baby bird is young to make it easier to train when it grows up.

Eagle owners can let them perch on their hands to create a close relationship
Eagle owners can let them perch on their hands to create a close relationship

In order for the Eagles to be closer to you, you can put the food in your hand so that they land on your arm and eat it. However, it is necessary to wear protective gear when feeding them this way.

With the sharing of characteristics as well as techniques for raising Eagles. Hope to help you in raising and taming this pet. Thank you for your interest in following the article.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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