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Do tiger tongue plants flower? Meaning of tiger tongue flower

Does the tiger lily flower?  Meaning of tiger tongue flower

The tiger tongue tree impresses everyone by its straight leaves creating a majestic and strong beauty. However, tiger lily can also bloom and the flowers are beautiful. People think tiger tongue tree flowers It will bring good luck and good fortune to the owner. Let’s learn more about the flowering tiger tongue tree!

Does the tiger lily flower?

Does the tiger lily flower?  Meaning of tiger tongue flower 1

This plant is widely loved by people for its straight leaves and many unique shapes. Therefore, few people know that the tiger tongue tree can also flower and bear fruit. The flowers of the tiger lily possess a delicate beauty no less than other flowers. The tiger tongue tree usually blooms at 4 pm, the flowers are white, the petals are long and thin. When fully open, the petals will roll back towards the base. Flowers bloom in clusters that look very unique and attractive. This flower has a simple and delicate beauty. However, the smell of the flowers is a bit harsh, the blooming time is short.

The meaning of the tiger tongue tree flowers

Do tiger tongue plants flower?  Meaning of tiger tongue flower 2

Not everyone can care for the tiger tongue tree to flower. Only when meeting the right conditions, good living environment will the plant bloom. In feng shui, flowering tiger tongue is a good omen, predicting that the owner will have a lot of luck and success in life. Besides, the tiger tongue tree has the meaning of warding off evil spirits, bad luck and bringing positive energy to family members.

It is for these reasons that the tiger tongue tree is very popular in interior decoration. This plant is also used a lot as housewarming gifts, good wishes for friends and colleagues. With a color that is not too prominent, the tiger tongue tree is considered to bring peace and bring a lot of luck and fortune.

Not only bringing meaning in terms of feng shui, the blooming tiger tongue tree also helps to bear fruit and helps propagate the plant. Propagation of tiger tongue by seeding method is very effective and brings good experiences for homeowners. Flowering tiger lily brings delicate beauty and breathes new life into your home space!

How to care for a flowering tiger tongue plant

Do tiger tongue plants flower?  Meaning of tiger tongue flower 3

In order for tiger lily to bloom easily, we must meet their living conditions and needs well. Can be planted in pots or planted directly in the ground for the plant to bloom. Soil for planting tiger lily needs to be well drained and porous, free of pathogens. The tiger tongue tree does not need to be taken care of too carefully, the more trees are cared for, the faster they will die. As long as you choose a good soil and medium, your plants will be very healthy and can flower.

Tiger tongue likes a dry environment, has poor cold tolerance, so it should be planted in a place with a temperature of 22 degrees and avoid planting in places below 13 degrees. Besides, the plant is very tolerant of sunlight, so it should be planted in the garden, balcony. When planting should keep the soil clean and dry, only water with mist and wait until the soil is completely dry before watering. Nutrition is essential for all plants to grow. However, tiger tongue requires a very small amount of fertilizer, so manure is both safe and effective.

If you plant pots, in the spring when the roots are full, you should repot them so that the plants continue to grow and develop. A small note is that when repotting you need to choose the type of soil for cacti and 1/3 large sand and pay attention to the drainage for the pot. Remember that the dragon tongue plant needs very little water and is prone to waterlogging.

Besides, disease prevention should also be paid attention to when planting tiger tongue. The tiger tongue tree has a high vigor and usually has few diseases. However, if cared for incorrectly, diseases such as leaf spot, leaf wilt, and softened leaves may appear. Therefore, it is necessary to have a reasonable and scientific method of care to meet the needs of the tree.


The tiger tongue tree, if cared for well, will bloom very beautifully and have the meaning of bringing luck and fortune to the owner. Hopefully, through this article, everyone will know how to take care of the best and most effective tiger tongue. Tiger tongue is very easy to take care of and is suitable for everyone, especially beginners. Thank you everyone for reading!

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