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Disillusioned with getting rich because you don’t know how to prevent disease for hybrid catfish

Hybrid catfish
Bankruptcy for not knowing how to prevent disease for hybrid catfish

Breeding catfish without knowing How to prevent fish disease? It’s like playing a game of chance. You will bet your life’s fate on the fish without knowing if there will be a profit or not. As long as one animal is infected, the whole herd will turn into bronze corpses. The dream of billions disappeared into the void!

Necessary preventive measures for hybrid catfish

Hybrid catfish
Golden hybrid catfish is sick waiting to die

During the process of raising hybrid catfish, if raised in a cement tank, people must ensure that the tank is renovated to the right standards. Have clean, safe water that always has the right pH.

Hybrid catfish when rearing should not be stocked with a density that is too dense, causing them to lack a habitat to live as well as unnecessary disputes over food or collisions during movement. Besides, when the fish is large, it is recommended to classify and gradually reduce the stocking density to maintain a good living environment for the fish. Do not stock fish with too thick a density, when the fish is large, it is advisable to classify and reduce the stocking density to ensure a living environment for the fish.

Food for hybrid catfish
Bran pellets for hybrid catfish

As for the food source for hybrid catfish, it is best to make it yourself and always ensure in terms of quality and nutrition. Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid moldy, rancid or let cockroaches, mice touch.

People should monitor the activities, living habits and eating habits of the hybrid catfish every day to easily notice their abnormal changes. If the fish has strange symptoms, suspected of having a disease, people should have a plan to deal with it immediately.

How to prevent and treat some common diseases in hybrid catfish

Hybrid catfish
Bankruptcy for not knowing how to prevent disease for hybrid catfish
Name of disease

Fish fin rot, internal bleeding and oily skin

Swollen, rotten stomach


Head and body deformity

ReasonMainly caused by single-host flukes and bacteria.

This disease is hereditary, usually inherited from hybrid catfish.

Caused by Aeromonas and Cohumnaris bacteria.Food for hybrid catfish is not of good quality, spoiled, poor in nutrition.Vitamin C deficiency (mainly from food).
ExpressionThe fish’s fins are rotten, the skin has many lesions and there is bleeding. The bleeding part of the skin is darker than normal.

The gills and body of the fish secrete a lot of oil. The fish has difficulty breathing, swimming wildly, and directionlessly.

There is bleeding on the micrograph.

The beard is curved, the abdomen is swollen and there are prominent lymph nodes at the base of the chest microscopic.

Hybrid catfish are often bored and stop eating.

Body secretes a lot of oil.

This disease has a fast death rate.

The skin of the fish is yellow.

Fish stop eating, eat slowly, eat less.

High death rate.

The body is deformed, has a different shape.

The head of the hybrid catfish is distorted.

The neck in between the 2 pectoral fins of the fish has bleeding phenomenon.

How to prevent diseaseCareful in selecting varieties.

Bathe the hybrid catfish properly before releasing it into the tank.

When fish are sick, reduce the water level in the tank to a minimum. Add formalin with a concentration of 30 – 50ppm (30 – 50g/m3) into the tank and bathe the fish for 2 days.

Change the aquarium water once every 2 days. Each time, change about 1/3 of the water in the aquarium.

Apply lime at a concentration of 1.5-3kg/100m2 and 1 dozen salts for the same tank size.

Change the water in the tank.

Forced fish to fast for a few days

Apply lime to improve 1.5-3kg/100m2.

Supplementing with Premix Vitamin periodically for fish according to the dose according to the indicated dosage.

When fish is sick, mix 1g Vitamin A in 1kg of feed, compress and feed the fish continuously for 1 week.

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