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Discover the technique of raising catfish that “grow up as fast as blowing”

Discover the technique of raising catfish that

flower catfish
Model of raising catfish to make a profit

Model catfish farming flowers are probably not too strange. In particular, because of the great uses that sardines bring to everyone’s health, such as stabilizing digestion, reducing joint pain, and treating kidney failure, some households have applied and developed a model. Breeding catfish is very successful. So, what is the technique to know for the model to achieve good productivity, please see today’s article to better understand!

flower catfish
An eye-catching dish from nutritious catfish

Breeding catfish seed

flower catfish
What techniques do ponds need?

People drain the pond, kill impurities, and disinfect it with 5 to 10 kg / 100 m .2 lime. Dry the pond bottom for 2 to 3 days, fertilize 100 m of fertilizer2 water in the ratio: 30 to 40 kg of manure and 15 to 20 kg of green manure.

This work is carried out 2 to 3 days before stocking fish. Note that the water into the pond is filtered through a filter and killed rice beetles with kerosene.

The stocking density from powder to incense in 30 days is 300 to 500 fish/m2. From incense to seed in 45 to 60 days is 20 to 30 fish/m2.

Techniques for raising commercial catfish

People proceed to pour pond water into barrels, pots containing fingerlings or soak the whole bag of fish in the pond for 15 minutes so that the fish have time to get used to the pond water. This method helps to balance the temperature in the bag and water, then release the fish into the pond.

Before stocking fish, it is recommended to bathe the fingerlings for 10, 15 minutes with salt water with a concentration of 2 to 3%. Note not to use fresh manure to fertilize the pond, but to compost it with lime at the rate of 4 to 5 kg of lime/100 kg of manure for 20 days before use. People can apply lime powder to pond water periodically twice a month. The amount of fertilizer from 1 to 2 kg of lime for 100m3 pond water.

Habitat of flower catfish

flower catfish
Technique of raising catfish

Suitable temperature from 27 to 32oC, dissolved oxygen 0.64 mg/l. The farming area in earthen pond is 100m .2, pond water depth from 1.2 to 1.5 m. Pond banks have the ability to prevent floods, water sources near rivers and canals, combined with raising pigs and planting trees.

People can breed bream with the ratio of catfish:

Pond culture: 10 to 20%

Paddy rice field: 30 to 40%

Wastewater area is 30%.

When stocking grafted fish, the percentage of striped tilapia, grass carp, and Indian driftwood should be reduced to avoid competition for food.

Food for catfish

flower catfish
What kind of diet is reasonable?

Fish meal 10 to 15% + green vegetables 20 to 25% + bran, corn 60 to 70%.

The food is cooked to form a flexible ball, dropped on the floor for the catfish to eat. Vegetables and grass must be chopped to fit the fish’s mouth.

Feeding twice a day, the feeding sequence is: green vegetables first, pellets later. Feed ration in the first three months of life is 5 to 8%, after that it is reduced by 2 to 3% compared to fish weight.

Regularly take care, check, change the water when observing that the fish seems weak. Farming productivity reaches 2 to 3 tons/ha.

Destroy fish pests such as snakes and frogs.

Under the pond ditch should be piled up small piles of scrub for fish to take shelter in the hot sun for a long time.

The technique of raising catfish has just been presented by us in the above article. People should always be careful and have a record book to track the weight of fish to ensure a bumper harvest season. Happy successful people!

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