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Discover the technique of growing zucchini in winter 2020

Discover the technique of growing zucchini in winter 2020

Planting winter squash
Planting winter squash

Zucchini is a summer plant, but if you know how to catch the technique winter zucchini planting the tree still bears fruit. Although the yield is not as high as that of the main crop, it is sold at a very good price due to great demand, so it has high economic efficiency.

How to choose a variety to plant winter squash?

You can refer to the popular varieties grown today such as: Fuji 868, Thien Thanh 5, Zucchini No. 1, No. 2 or Vietnamese Bamboo zucchini, …

On average, 1 sao of 15 to 20g needs 400 to 500 seeds.

Techniques to prepare the soil to plant winter squash

In winter, the weather is dry, so if you grow zucchini in winter, you should not plant a trellis to avoid the squash leaves being easily dry, less flowering and fruiting. It is best to grow cows in the field.

Soil for squash is selected in a high place, easy to drain, and easy to irrigate.

Planting winter squash
Preparing the land to plant winter squash

If the bed is 4m wide, the trench should be dredged 25 to 30 cm deep, 30 to 40 cm wide and arranged in the direction of water flow for easy drainage.

Making soil by: slitting rows to determine the bed, trench first, dredged up in the trench to plant trees and mulch.

As for the stubble, leave it as it is, when the squash starts to recede, it will be cut and spread on the bed for the squash to crawl on top.

Incubate Seedlings are the first stage to grow winter squash

You can choose one of two ways to incubate seedlings, one is to use a plastic pot, the other is to use a tray to nurse.

The nursery medium consists of small soil and decayed manure mixed in a ratio of 1: 1.

Another extremely simple and inexpensive way is to use mud for incubation.

Planting winter squash
Cultivation of winter squash

People get mud taken 2 to 3 days before incubation to help release toxic gas. Then spread a thin layer from 1.5 to 2 cm, let the mud drain. Draw a nursery plot according to the size of 3 x 3 cm, then put the germinated seeds on top, then sprinkle with 1 cm thick layer of powdered soil. If possible, people can make a canopy to avoid rain.

How to fertilize winter squash plants?

Planting zucchini in the winter, before the plants go to the bed, apply lime

Fully lined with manure, 20 kg of phosphate, 3 kg of nitrogen and 2 kg of potassium. How to fertilize: Cut into two rows on the bed so that the amount of fertilizer does not coincide with the planting row.

Fertilizer: After planting from 7 to 10 days, we fertilize by mixing 1.5 kg of nitrogen with 5 kg of phosphorus with water and watering.

Planting winter squash
Take good care to harvest cool zucchini

The first time: When the tree begins to recline, apply 3 kg of nitrogen fertilizer with 2 kg of potassium.

2nd application: Before flowering, apply 3 kg of nitrogen fertilizer with 2 kg of potassium

The third time: After fruiting, apply 3 kg of nitrogen fertilizer with 2 kg of potassium

Attention: When planting winter squash, if applied directly to the soil, it should be sprinkled around the base because the roots are wide. People should also remember to cover the soil on top to avoid losing manure and increase fertilizer efficiency. In addition, foliar fertilizers can also be added after planting, before and after fruiting.

Pest control during winter squash cultivation

In the process of growing zucchini in winter, notice some common diseases in zucchini such as: diseases caused by insect pests, aphids, green worms, green wilt, burning rot, downy mildew, powdery mildew…

The way to prevent pests and diseases for zucchini is “prevention is better than cure”: People pay close attention to detect and prevent timely according to the instructions of plant protection.

Planting winter squash
Cool zucchini soup

Do you remember the cool taste of a bowl of zucchini soup in a family meal? Or is it a tea to relieve stress after a hard working day. Zucchini is always a vegetable that brings many great benefits to humans. That is why it is always popular. So, with the above winter zucchini growing techniques, wish everyone can harvest good quality zucchini even in the harsh winter weather like this.



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