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Developing smart agriculture 4.0 in Lam Dong province

smart agriculture 4.0

As agriculture in general and the quality of agricultural products and food in particular are increasingly focused on cleanliness and safety for human health, as well as being environmentally friendly. Therefore, solutions to apply high technology in agriculture are extremely necessary. Smart agriculture application 4.0 is an urgent solution to ensure food security and quality of agricultural products.

Technological perspective on smart agriculture

According to the summary of international organizations, up to now, the main components of agriculture 4.0 have been focused on the following contents:

(1) Application of IoT Sensors connected to the internet of most agricultural farms (IoT Sensors); sensors and smart devices are connected and automatically controlled throughout the agricultural production process to help respond to climate change, improve the microclimate in the greenhouse;

(2) LED technology is used synchronously in high-tech farming to optimize the growth of plants, applied in countries with little agricultural land or urban agriculture;

(3) Cultivation in greenhouses, net houses, using hydroponics and aeroponics technologies to isolate the natural environment (farming without substrates) and actively applying technology synchronously;

(4) Solar cells for efficient use of space, reducing energy costs, most of the farms/enterprises are powered by solar power and solar panels;

(5) Using robots (robots) instead of taking care of crops, livestock is becoming more and more popular, applied in countries with aging population and large production scale;

(6) Using drones and satellites (satellites) to survey the status of data collection of farms from which to analyze recommendations on an up-to-date database for management. precision farm management;

(7) Smart financial technology serves the farm in all activities from the farm to be connected to the outside, in order to provide the most effective formula for farm governance

(8) Application of artificial intelligence (AI) in smart agriculture 4.0.

Thus, according to the content of agriculture 4.0, high-tech agriculture is not necessarily smart agriculture. But smart agriculture must be on the basis of high-tech application agriculture. But depending on specific conditions, 4-5 connotations are applied in all the tunnels of smart agriculture 4.0 to bring breakthroughs and revolutions in the current agriculture. Especially, the application of internet of things (IoT) is the most core and most important solution for smart agriculture 4.0.

Lam Dong province has a quick and appropriate approach but is not in a hurry to follow the movement, with the motto: “Go now, go fast and go accurately, choose crops and livestock with comparative advantages, and apply technology in line with production and business goals.”

Policy to encourage smart agriculture 4.0 in Lam Dong province

On the basis of successful implementation of the agricultural program with high technology application in the period 2004-2015, Lam Dong Provincial Party Committee issued Resolution No. 05/NQ-TU on comprehensive, sustainable and modern agricultural development. period 2016 – 2020 and orientation to 2025 in order to increase adaptability to global climate change and meet the needs of international integration, based on the success of the High-tech Agriculture program in the next period. period 2004-2015.

In addition, Lam Dong Provincial People’s Committee also issued Decision No. 740/QD-UBND promulgating the Project to support startups in Lam Dong province until 2020. UNND also attached policies to support startups in general and start-up. Smart agriculture in particular, with a support level of 50% for each project on consulting services, training human resources, intellectual property…;

Support 50% of the cost of applying new science and technology; 3% post-investment interest rate support (maximum support period of 36 months since credit institutions complete loan procedures); support for loans from the Startup Support Fund, the Science and Technology Development Fund, the Industrial Promotion Fund, etc. to create a breakthrough in smart agriculture 4.0.

With policies that are close to reality and promote all resources, Lam Dong province has more and more effective start-up projects, many smart farms / agricultural enterprises 4.0 promoting the potential advantages of the locality.

On the basis of developing highly applied agriculture; In order to continue promoting technology, many businesses invest in equipment to develop smart agriculture 4.0.

Lam Dong currently has 21 businesses that have approached the application of IoT technology; big data; Blockchain; cameras to monitor the growth of plants, all kinds of environmental sensor devices, greenhouses with automatic adjustment systems; sensor system connected to computer, smartphone for synchronous management, automatic control of humidity, temperature, irrigation water, nutrition; in vitro breeding technology, LED technology, intelligent GIS technology for pest management and prediction, electronic traceability…;

In order to take full advantage, develop modern, branded and high-quality agriculture on farms that grow vegetables, flowers, strawberries, tomatoes and dairy cows…; many farms have given revenue from 5-8 billion VND/ha/year; high-grade flowers 24 billion VND/ha/year;

Promoting the development of smart agriculture 4.0 in Lam Dong

The application of smart agricultural production process 4.0 with suitable solutions to increase productivity and value of crop and livestock products in Lam Dong province has been well done by the following businesses:

  • Dalat Hasfarm Company,
  • Cau Dat Tea Joint Stock Company Da Lat,
  • Long Dinh Co., Ltd.,
  • Truong Hoang Co., Ltd.,
  • Langbiang Farm Co., Ltd.,

And many other companies such as: Dalat Flower Forest Biological Joint Stock Company, Da Lat GAP Co., Ltd., Dalat Potato, Vegetable and Flower Research Center, An Phu General Agricultural Service Cooperative, Dinh farm and Vuong Dinh Phi Farm…

smart agriculture 4.0
Photo: Hi-tech tomato care engineer in Lam Dong

Typical of crop products applying smart agriculture 4.0

Da Lat Hasfarm Company

Da Lat Hasfarm is one of the leading flower producers in Southeast Asia in Lam Dong province, roses are grown in greenhouses meeting European standards. Each device in the greenhouse has a sensor, is connected to a computer via the Internet, a pre-designed mode of operation.

When the temperature in the greenhouse exceeds the threshold of 21oC, the diaphragm will automatically open. The mist sprinkler automatically recognizes the humidity in the greenhouse. When the humidity is below the set limit, the machine will automatically water.

Thanks to the smart agriculture 4.0 approach, the company has brought about many remarkable achievements. Not only to reduce production costs, but more importantly, to best control the quality of flowers produced to serve the world market, so cut flower products of Da Lat Hasfarm Company have won the gold award in the product category. The world’s leading cut flower producer voted by the International Association of Horticultural and Horticultural Technology (AIPH) in February 2020.

Cau Dat Farm Company

Cau Dat Farm Company started producing clean agricultural products in 2017 by hydroponics method on a 7-hectare garden system.

The entire garden system is designed by the staff of Cau Dat Farm synchronously, ensuring the technical requirements for the farm such as fans, curtain walls, sun cutting, irrigation pump, nutrient injection, EC and pH adjustment; 24/7 surveillance camera system to record images of crops, monitor the care and development process of plants, etc. Thanks to the synchronization of the whole farm, it is currently the largest agricultural tourism resort in Vietnam. .

The application of smart agriculture 4.0 in the farming model without using soil, instead of growing plants in pots with media or hydroponic growing models, brings high productivity and minimizes the negative impact on the environment. . Because plants are grown in greenhouses, net houses or greenhouses, smart irrigation technology is applied to limit pests and diseases. Therefore, the need to use pesticides or pesticides is also reduced or not used.

Examples of livestock products applying smart agriculture 4.0

Vinamilk Dairy Farm

Vinamilk dairy farm is raising about 1,000 cows, of which 50% is for milk exploitation, certified organic farm according to European standards; The care stages are mechanized and all activities and diets of cows are scientifically and closely monitored according to smart agriculture; Therefore, milk yield is about 23 liters/head/day, which is much higher than other farms.

Dalat Milk Farm, TH Group

TH Group’s Dalat Milk farm installs chips for the total herd of cows in the linked chain to update information on the health of the cows, when the cows are in heat, and the cows are about to get sick to monitor the health and safety of the cows. milk quality and appropriate diet.

Source: https://nongnghiep.vn/

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