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Demodex scabies – what you should know

Demodex scabies has the scientific name Demodex canis, also known as scabs, parasitic on the skin of dogs. Demodex scabies causes scabies in dogs that are difficult to treat because they are cyclical, yearly. Therefore, learning and preventing pets from Demodex scabies is a necessary thing to keep pets always have a beautiful, beautiful and healthy coat.

  1. What is Demodex Scabies???

Demodex scabies on dogs has the scientific name Demodex canis. Parasitic in hair follicles and sebaceous glands under the skin of animals. The entire life cycle of Demodex scabies takes place entirely on animals. A life cycle of scabies takes 20-35 days.

Demodex scabies has a pointed shape, is a “killer” that specializes in digging and sucking nutrients and sebum from the host’s coat, causing severe damage to the fur and skin of the animal. Some places where Demodex scabies often reside include: wet areas on the body such as eyelids, cast iron and between the feet, etc.

  1. Cause and transmission route

Demodex scabies is transmitted from mother to child during the first 3 days of the baby’s birth. However, if the baby is delivered by cesarean section and is not breastfed after the baby is born, it is unlikely that the baby will be infected because Demodex scabies is not transmitted through the placenta. Under natural conditions, mother-to-child transmission is the only documented mode of transmission of Demodex scabies.

Demodex scabies can be transmitted to humans.

  1. Demodex scabies symptoms:

The disease has typical symptoms of Demodex scabies such as:

  • Itching, scratching causes skin abrasions
  • Heavy shedding forming patches of varying thickness and thickness
  • The skin may bleed liquid plasma (due to deeply ingrained sebaceous glands) and have a characteristic unpleasant odor.

However, some symptoms can also confuse other diseases such as dermatitis, scabies sacortep scabie with demodex scabies. Therefore, when you see a pet with some of the above symptoms, you should take them to the veterinary facility for examination and diagnosis, thereby accurately determining the pet’s disease and having early and effective treatment. fruit for dogs.

  1. Diagnose :

Currently, the diagnostic method being used in veterinary facilities and clinics is to take a sample and examine the skin surface of the animal suspected of being infected. This method is quite simple and effective.

So, if one day when you see your pet daily, you still love to take care of abnormal hair loss or often itchy and scratch, then take your pet immediately to the veterinary facility for a skin check.

Charlie Rosales
Charlie Rosales
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