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create a source of supplementary food for animals

Model of raising termites to create supplementary food for pets
It’s very good to feed the chickens with termites

The termite farming model is quite new and unique today. We have heard a lot about raising insects and larvae to make animal food, but perhaps very little has heard of the termite farming model to make delicious food for animals. The termite farming model is very simple, just providing knowledge about some farming techniques can be raised.

Termites are harmful insects, annoying to human life. But it is the favorite food of many domestic animals, including chickens, geckos, and termites. Many farmers exploit and implement the termite farming model to make supplementary food for chickens to improve the quality of chicken meat.

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Termites are poor climbers and defenseless. They do not have the habit of going out of the nest to feed, so the job of digging and catching termites is quite simple.

Termites are a rich source of protein and are very good for poultry.

Termites farming model


Thanks to the secret of using termites as chicken feed, many poultry farmers who are losing money because of the disease still make great profits. The use of termites as feed in livestock will save a lot of money for farmers. As we all know, in order for chickens to grow quickly and develop well, it is necessary to provide enough protein for the body. People often provide protein through foods such as fishmeal, soybean, and oil, but the cost is quite high, not as cheap as termite mining.

Therefore, the use of termites as an alternative not only provides enough nutrition for livestock, but also saves costs for many farmers.

Feeding termites

What is the termite farming model?
Termites nest with plastic containers

How to find termites: Find in the forest or upland fields. There are a few nests of black termites, these do not bite, they usually float to the surface, are very shallow and easy to dig. Just find the land with termites and dig, then turn it over and bring it back to the cement floor with a roof, so that next to the nest is food (grass, straw leaves, rotten trees …). Or you can ask to buy in places that provide termite nests. Each termite can be divided into small pieces for chickens to eat and can be saved for up to 1 week later.

How to make a cage to raise termites: We can use plastic pots or build ponds… as long as termites can’t crawl out. Lining a layer of soil below the pot, can arrange many pots. The pot should be covered with a lid and leave a gap for termites to breathe. The pot should be placed in a cool and dark place.

Nesting for termites: It’s very simple, we can make a nest for termites with wooden boards put together, in the middle to have a gap of about 1.5 inches in size for termites to crawl. Wooden boards with holes about 10 cm in diameter, between napkins or toilet paper.

Humidity in the termite cage: Termites need moisture, but it should not be too wet. It is recommended to mist the pot for a few weeks. We can put an extra sponge or absorbent napkin to keep the humidity high.

Food for termites: Food for termites is wood, which includes all fibrous materials such as wood, dry branches, dried leaves, sawdust, etc. In a study on termites in the US, scientists mixed humus with mulch. Saws with an adhesive (agar) make very tasty food bars for termites and termites.

Food in termite farming model
Feed termites with ice cream sticks

Harvest termites

The termite farming model is not difficult

– Roll mat: Remove the top two boards, the bottom board is full of termites, lift and shake the termites into the pot and feed the termites to the chickens.

– All termites: Re-recruit king termites, queen termites and a few workers for the following flock. The rest is fed to the chickens.

Note: Termites are harmful insects, so be very careful when implementing the termite farming model:

– Find and breed only locally available termites.

– Do not breed termites in the city.

– Do not let termites escape even if very little. If the termite farming model is stopped, it must be destroyed to avoid affecting the people around.

We have just learned the model of raising termites which is both simple and low-cost, but can supplement the animals with the necessary nutrients for development. Breeders should implement this termite farming model to supplement nutrition for animals to grow quickly and get delicious meat.

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