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Copper snakehead fish – potential enrichment market

Snakehead fish

Snakehead fish is no stranger to the people of Vietnam with its reputation for firm, juicy meat and very high farming productivity. In recent years, especially in the past 2020, the snakehead fish market has shown strong signs of going up, many keen farmers have quickly caught up with the trend and increased fish farming. So today, let’s find out how attractive the snakehead fish is and what opportunities it brings to farmers!

Introduction of snakehead fish and some popular snakehead fish

Snakehead fish
Snakehead fish

Snakehead fish, also commonly known by names such as fruit fish, calamari or banana fish, is a fish that is favored by the majority of Vietnamese people because of its delicious meat and abundant nutrients. in it.

They belong to the family Fish and live in fresh water. Snakehead fish has a small appearance, long body and flattens towards the tail. The fish feels very firm to the touch, the skin is black with a golden luster with a pattern of blue-black or yellow-green spots depending on the species. Fish scales are grayish brown and their heads are small. In particular, snakehead fish has a tongue shaped like a pig’s tongue.

When cooking snakehead fish, we can enjoy the tough, firm meat, not too dry and not greasy. The fish meat is also not too fatty, so when eating it, it is not sick.

Some types of snakehead fish are popular in Vietnam

Some common types of snakehead fish include the porcupine-headed snakehead fish with a very large size, the head has the shape of a snake’s head and has a pointed mouth pointing forward.

There are also square-headed snakeheads with a square head, large body and cotton snakes with black and white striped skin on their backs, which are the most aggressive of the family.

The snakehead fish has a characteristic of being omnivorous, very easy to raise and adapt to many different water environments including turbid water, brackish water, etc.

The benefits of farming snakehead fish

Snakehead fish is one of the least difficult species to find and breed, for example, snakehead fish only needs to be nursed in large numbers within 30 days and can be released into the main pond.

The process of preparing ponds and ponds for stocking is also very simple without too many steps thanks to the adaptability of the fish.

Usually, many breeders just need to dry the drained pond for a suitable time and then pour in enough water, wait until the water reaches a translucent green color like the body on a banana tree, then they can release snakehead fish.

If the farmer wants to ensure the best quality of fish and bring the fish as high-quality production materials, the step of disinfecting the pond with lime can be added.

During the rearing process, many farmers expressed satisfaction with the ease of rearing of field snakeheads because they are omnivores, food can be combined from available food sources or bought from the market with small fish. okay, a day can only need to be fed once without too much.

The habitat of field snakehead fish is very diverse, mainly in fields, canals, lagoons, ponds, lakes and rivers; Even as long as the water source is not contaminated or contaminated with alum, it can grow and reproduce well even in turbid and brackish water environments. This factor is extremely beneficial for small-scale livestock farmers to apply the model of intensive farming in ponds and tanks with moderate area.

Farming density of snakehead fish
Farming density of snakehead fish

The density of snakehead fish farming is not too limited like many other fish species with the level of nearly 40,000 fish within 1,000 m.2.

Snakehead fish has a fast growth rate, developing best in the summer. For example, snakehead fish can be raised within 8-9 months, or snakehead snakehead only needs 1-2 months to be harvested depending on the coolness of the farmer’s hand. Although the price of snakehead seed is quite cheap, the profit generated is higher than that of other traditional fish, making many households rich quickly from raising snakehead fish.

Current situation of snakehead fish farming

In recent years, the number of farmers raising snakehead fish has increased rapidly, especially in the Southeast provinces because of favorable farming conditions.

In some places like Ninh Binh, the harvest of snakehead fish takes place only once a year but always brings extremely high profits, up to hundreds of millions of dong for the people. Farming snakehead fish is gradually bringing stable jobs to many farmers as well as becoming the main source of income for many farming households and villages.

Many poor households have relied on raising snakehead fish to get rich by understanding and grasping the market.

Potential market of snakehead fish – an opportunity to seize immediately

The price of snakehead fish, especially farmed fish, is still growing strongly, on average has increased from 7,000 to more than 12,000 VND/kg compared to the same period in previous years.

The influence of market factors with the number of consumers is always very high, the purchasing power increases sharply with the supply not too large, so the selling price of snakehead fish is increasing. Depending on the quality of fish, the purchase price can range from more than 40,000 VND/kg to 60,000-70,000 VND/kg. Even in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City, if the volume of snakehead fish is as large as 1.6kg or more, the selling price can be up to hundreds.

Meanwhile, the price of fingerlings only fluctuates in the range of less than 10,000 VND/fish. The profit earned with a household raising a large number of snakeheads (from 4000 seed per crop), the profit is hundreds of millions of dong.

Snakehead fish market
Snakehead fish market

Although for buyers, the price of snakehead fish is not cheap, but it is still very popular because the quality of its meat as well as the level of use of snakehead in daily meals or worshiping occasions makes the market buy and sell this fish. never been so weak.

Some limitations to note when raising snakehead fish

Although snakehead farming is growing in both quantity and quality along with the increasing percentage of farmers who know how to grasp the trend, it is inevitable that the consequences are knowledge of snakehead farming. VND is not enough, causing many farmers to suffer capital loss instead of profit as expected.

Although the snakehead fish is not difficult to raise, the farmers must not become negligent and still have to ensure that the fish’s needs are met so that the fish can grow well and sell for a profit.

Snakehead fish can die from water pollution
Snakehead fish can die from water pollution

The biggest problem for raising snakehead fish is probably ensuring water hygiene, because many farmers have made mistakes at this stage. It is necessary to regularly observe and clean the breeding place to avoid contaminated water from the amount of feces discharged from the stocking density which is somewhat denser than other fish species.

In fish farming areas near fields, it is advisable to avoid farming snakehead fish near the rice harvest so as not to be affected by the water transmission system leading to pollution. Fish farming areas should be carefully controlled to avoid fish loss.

Through this article, you probably have a detailed picture of the copper snakehead market as well as an assessment of the opportunities from this potential market. Good luck to you in your snakehead farming.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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