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Common causes and symptoms of vomiting in dogs

Dogs and cats often vomit. It may be because they have eaten something that is not suitable for their stomachs, or because of their sensitive digestive systems. However, vomiting is aggravated when your pet vomits incessantly even though there is no food in the stomach. In such cases of acute vomiting, owners need to take their pet immediately to a veterinary hospital to determine and eliminate the cause of vomiting.

Your dog’s vomiting can be caused by a fairly simple cause such as choking or choking on water. However, acute vomiting with a large amount and frequency of vomiting can be a warning sign of some serious medical condition. Determining the cause of acute vomiting can be quite complicated. So in the article below, Dreampet would like to give some information about the causes of vomiting in dogs, hoping to help you understand somewhat why your dog vomits.

  1. Some symptoms that accompany vomiting to watch out for:

  • Animal pain: can be severe abdominal pain due to intestinal and stomach contractions but no vomiting.
  • Weakness and fatigue: a common condition in dogs with vomiting caused by dehydration through episodes of vomiting.
  • There may be some blood in the vomit
  • There may be a lot of fresh blood in the stools and vomit (severe condition)

  1. Causes of vomiting in dogs

There are many causes of vomiting in dogs.

Many times, dog vomiting is just a body’s defense response from things that can adversely affect their digestive tract. However, the frequency and amount of vomiting is high and continuous due to a number of dangerous and serious causes, and the treatment is quite difficult. Some fairly common causes of vomiting in dogs include

  • Diet
  • Change your diet
  • Eating too much or eating too fast
  • Ingesting certain foods that are not suitable for their digestive system (for example, there are some human foods that should not be given to dogs such as chocolate, ice cream, some foods containing Paracetamol, …)
  • Hypersensitivity allergic reaction to a particular food
  • Obstruction of the intestines, stomach due to foreign objects
  • Acute gastritis (gastroenteritis)
  • Parasites (eg, hookworms, roundworms, giardia)
  • Tumor
  • Metabolic disorders (eg, kidney disease)
  • Liver disease
  • Adrenal gland disease

If your dog is vomiting, don’t be subjective, call Dreampet and seek the advice of veterinarians so that your dog can be diagnosed and treated early.

Wish you and your pet always healthy with the sharing and knowledge we provide

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