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Coconut coir growing plants – The number 1 medium recommended by gardeners

Coconut coir growing trees
Coconut coir growing trees

Use coconut fiber for planting trees perhaps not a strange term for every Vietnamese. Because, so far, our people not only know how to drink coconut water, use coconut leaves to knit baskets and hats, but also know how to use coconut fiber to fertilize trees. So, in fact, how to handle and use coconut fiber to grow trees, let’s find out through the article below.

Why should coconut fiber grow trees?

Coir is a by-product from the processing of coconuts, in dry form and usually yellow-brown in color. In many farms, bonsai nurseries, coir planting trees are widely used.

The source of coir material is used as a growing medium or a source of nutrient-rich soil. Not only that, untreated coir is also applied in shielding and covering the surface in case of hot weather, heat and light reflected directly on the ground. Using coir has the benefit of minimizing the adverse effects of climate on crops as well as erosion and drying of the reef.

Coconut coir growing trees
Coconut coir growing trees

Steps to process coconut fiber for planting:

Step 1: Process raw coir to form coco peat

Coir mix to grow leafy vegetablesBefore using coir to plant trees, coir needs to be treated very well. Note when handling coir, it is coir that must be chopped and finely chopped before it can be incubated. Processing coir if done manually will be very laborious and time consuming. Therefore, people should use a shredder to grind coconut fiber.

Step 2: Separation of Tannin

Soak raw coir for 2 to 3 days in a 100 liter water tank. By this Tuesday, people poured out the water in the barrel, at this time the coco peat was soaked in red.

Step 3: Separation of Lignin

To separate Lignin quickly and save maximum time, peopleUse lime. Put the Tannin-treated coco peat into a 2 kg bucket of clean water to soak, stir long enough, hard enough to stir the coco peat.

Coconut coir growing trees
Treated coir acne

After 5 to 7 days of soaking Lignin, Lignin will dissolve completely

completely in water, people carry out rinsing with clean water to remove both lignin and lime powder

After removing all the toxic substances in the coco peat, people should use their hands to squeeze out the water so that the coco peat is as dry as possible.

Steps to compost coconut fiber for planting:

The materials for composting coconut fiber to grow trees need to be prepared:

  • Coconut coir acne has been treated
  • NPK fertilizer (5-10-3)
  • Lime powder
  • Superphosphate (powder)
  • Preparations EM1
  • Clean water

How to proceed to compost coconut fiber to grow trees:

B1: Mix coco peat with the ratio: 1200 – NPK 6-lime powder 15- super phosphate 35 (kg)

B2: After mixing well, people spread those ingredients thin, ensuring a thickness of 25 to 30cm.

B3: Use EM1 preparation (which accelerates the decomposition of organic matter, shortens incubation time) diluted with the ratio: 6 liters of preparation – 200 liters of water

B4: Use the diluted product to water the material to help the humidity reach from 80 to 85%. Check the humidity by squeezing it with your hand, if you see the water falling quickly through the fingers, the product has reached the standard

Water the inoculant EM1 until the compost pile is 1.2 to 1.5m high, then cover it with tarpaulin.

B5: After 4 to 5 days, when microorganisms begin to decompose organic substances, the internal temperature reaches about 60 degrees Celsius.8th, you can mix and add water to make the compost pile to reach a moisture content of 50 to 60%.

After about 30 days, it will be mixed again. By the 40th or 60th day, it can be used.

Coconut coir growing trees
Coconut coir growing trees

Coconut coir is both a source of available home-made materials and helps plants to multiply and grow well. Please make good use of this medium and implement the above technical methods before you bring coconut fiber to fertilize your plants!

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Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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