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Choose a sprinkler with a radius of about 20 to 30m

Ducar Atom 28

Choose a sprinkler with a radius of 20-30m.

On the market there are many types of watering guns with a radius of 20-30m. Prominent among them is the Ducar Atom watering gun

Dear ladies and gentlemen, the reason I chose this title is because of the fact that the demand as well as the popular products on the market today have a lot of varieties with a radius of 20-30m.

Irrigation nozzles (many areas call for irrigation guns, sprinklers …) with a radius of 20-30m are very commonly used, especially in the areas of coffee, fruit trees, grass-fed cow farms, medicinal plants… .

Years ago, some popular watering guns included Uncle Dang Tam’s water guns; Ngoc Mechanic’s cast iron watering gun.

Then after the trend of Chinese irrigation guns imported massively into Vietnam, there were 42 Irrigation guns, PY 30 guns; 40…

After about 5 years, some low-quality sprinklers have been discarded or are no longer used much, replaced by higher-quality sprinklers.

Today, two very popular products are the Atom 22 Watering Gun and the Atom 28 Watering Gun

Here are a few details about these two types of watering guns.

1. Ducar Atom 22 semi-irrigating gun (Common Irrigation radius is about 20-22m)

Ducar Atom 22″ watering gun is one of the gun lines that are considered to be the most uniform, stable and durable sprinklers in the market segment within a radius of 20-22m.

Atom 22 has 2 options: 360-degree rotary type, and 0 to 360-degree rotational angle adjustment type.

Outstanding features of the Ducar Atom 22 Watering Gun:

  • Easily change the flow, irrigation radius by replacing the throat sizes 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
  • Works well even at low pressure from 2.0 – 4.0bar
  • Choose from 360-degree circular spray irrigation or block the irrigation angle as required
  • Mid-range radius is about 15-21m
  • Flow 2.8 – 8.6 m3/h
  • Thread Size 34mm
  • Irrigation evenly throughout the location within the radius of irrigation thanks to the dam mechanism and water tearing device
  • 27 degree deviation angle, helping to minimize the impact of wind.
  • Extra throat design helps to more evenly irrigating the gun foot area even under low pressure and flow conditions.
  • The watering gun is compact, less prone to piles, but still has high performance, suitable for all types of crops.
  • The base and barrel of the gun are cast in pure copper.

Refer to the detailed specifications of the Ducar Atom 22 . irrigation gun

2. Ducar Atom 28 watering gun (Common watering radius 25-28m)

When you have a need for a slightly larger radius than the Atom 22 then Ducar Atom 28″ large radius watering gun is a reasonable choice at a radius of 25-28m.

Large radius sprinkler gun Ducar Atom 28: A vane-shaped sprinkler with the ability to adjust the irrigation angle. The sprinkler provides the ability to irrigate a large radius, high-quality product materials, and advanced technology. And high uniform watering ability. The nozzle works well at low medium pressure (from 2.0-5.0 bar) for high efficiency. The product is available in 03 throat sizes 10, 12, 14mm suitable for the capacity of many types of pumps. The sprinkler is designed with 3 sets of water tearers for a very high uniform watering ability.

  • The gun has an operating radius of 19-28m
  • Flow 6.5- 18.8 square meter
  • Throat size : 10mm – 12mm – 14mm
  • Thread Size : 49mm (1-1/2″)

Used for all types of agricultural crops as well as industrial irrigation. Irrigation for dust removal, cooling irrigation, fixed system or moving irrigation.

Especially suitable for watering coffee trees, watering grass fields, sugarcane fields, etc.

The body and impeller are solidly cast from high-grade metal, the rotating body of the product is made of copper, Teflon and stainless steel. Ducar is proud to have patented an adjustable sprinkler. It helps the ability to irrigate a longer radius and has the ability to adjust the uniformity perfectly. The auxiliary throat can be unlocked to adjust the water flow (especially important when the pump does not have enough water flow).

Refer to more information about the Ducar Atom 28 . sprinkler

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