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Chickens with polio – Causes and effective treatment

Polio chicken

Chicken is paralyzed This is a fairly common disease in poultry and especially in chickens. Chicken polio is mainly caused by Marek’s disease or other causes and this disease can have serious physical consequences for chickens such as: neck to wing and 1 leg paralysis, diarrhea, confusion. dyskinesia…

Farmers need to pay close attention to distinguish the types of chickens with polio

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Chickens are paralyzed due to lack of calcium

Calcium is an indispensable element
Calcium is an indispensable element for the growth of chickens

Calcium is an indispensable element in the growth of chickens, especially in the period from 2 to 4 weeks of age. During this period, chickens are still young and weak, eating a lot of industrial food only helps to gain weight for chickens, but does not provide enough nutrition.

It is the lack of calcium that leads to reduced bone strength, causing phenomena such as polio, leg palsy, drooping wings, poor appetite and even death.

To overcome and prevent, you should buy small calcium directly for chickens. Daily add calcium to the diet, and drinking water so that the chickens are fully supplemented daily.

Chickens paralyzed by Marek’s disease

Among the diseases that cause leg paralysis, this is one of the common diseases, when the weather changes, chickens are 12-20 weeks old. This disease manifests as two legs of chickens with one foot forward and one foot backward, and paralysis of both wings and neck, etc. This disease is often confused or not recognized.

Chickens are paralyzed due to Marek's disease
chickens with Marek’s disease

This disease has no specific treatment, so people can only prevent it by spraying disinfection of the cage to destroy harmful bacteria, regularly cleaning and cleaning the cage, supplementing with vitamin C to keep the chickens healthy. resistance against bacteria.

Chickens are paralyzed due to poor hatching


In the process of incubation, poor hatching or disease-carrying eggs can also cause chickens to be born with congenital polio, abnormal wing legs. This should be overcome by raising chickens by type, classifying chickens carefully as well as hatching them appropriately so that the chickens are born healthy.

Chickens are paralyzed during the egg laying period

Because when laying eggs, chickens need to use calcium to synthesize the hard shell of eggs, so if you don’t provide enough calcium for chickens during this period, chickens will have a serious calcium deficiency and bone strength will be affected. effects leading to polio or difficulty walking, groping.

Calcium supplementation is very necessary during this period to prevent polio of chickens as well as to make the eggshell more firm.

For some diseases, people should vaccinate chickens for early prevention, and if the disease shows signs of spreading, it should be isolated and destroyed as soon as possible. Poultry raising is not too difficult, but the prevention and protection of chickens from diseases is very important to pay attention and care during the raising process. Thus, the new chicken can grow well and give high yield.

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Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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