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Central Highlands Coffee – The famous feature that is hard to mix

Tay Nguyen Coffee
Tay Nguyen Coffee

Coffee in general and Tay Nguyen coffee In particular, the drink is not strange to each of us. Coffee helps us wake up, wake up with energy for a busy day, and it is also a favorite drink of many people. Tay Nguyen coffee is a very famous coffee, and also includes many other types of coffee. Mainly grown in Dak Lak and Gia Lai. Let’s take a look at this article to see what famous coffees in Central Highlands have.

Highland Robusta Coffee (Vai coffee)

Central Highlands coffee has Robusta coffee, which is especially suitable for the climate and soil, which is the basalt red soil of the Central Highlands. Robusta coffee is also the main coffee of Vietnam, helping Vietnam to rank 2nd in coffee output.

Robusta coffee
Robusta coffee

This type has a strong aroma with high caffeine content, is not sour and is very suitable for the taste of Vietnamese people. Strong, acrid and very distinct taste. However, this type is too spicy for foreigners. This type of coffee when roasted also has an earthy, burnt or burnt rubber smell.

Highland Robusta coffee can be grown at different altitudes, has good disease tolerance, is planted a lot and is cheaper than other Central Highlands coffees.

Highland Arabic Coffee (Tea Coffee)

Arabic coffee is a type of coffee with high economic value, which is considered to have a better taste and less caffeine than Robusta coffee. Because of that, the price of Arabic is also nearly 2 times higher than that of Robusta.

Highland Arabic Coffee
Highland Arabic Coffee

Arabica prefers to live in high mountains, mature trees up to 4-6m high, but if grown wild, it can be up to 15m high. The fruit of this coffee has a slightly elongated oval shape and contains 2 coffee beans inside.

However, this species of tree requires an altitude of 1000m or more, while the Central Highlands coffee growing places only have an altitude of about 500-1000m. Besides, this plant has many pests and diseases, so the economic efficiency is not as high as that of Robusta coffee.

Cherry Coffee (Jackfruit Coffee)

This type of coffee has good resistance to pests and diseases, so it is often grown in arid, windy and sunny places in the Central Highlands. Cherry coffee has very special characteristics and flavor, which is the taste of the sunny and windy Central Highlands.

Cherry Highlands Coffee
Cherry Coffee

Cherry’s coffee beans have a beautiful yellow and shiny color and are different from other highland coffees. The aroma of Cherry Highlands coffee when brewed has a faint aroma at the tip of the nose, not too light but not too strong.

The sour taste of this coffee makes for a very refreshing experience.

Culi coffee (Bi coffee)

Central Highlands coffee has a special Culi coffee in its fruit, which has only one coffee bean, round like a pea. That’s why the caffeine content in this coffee is higher than normal. Visibly bitter taste and smooth black coffee.

Coffee Culi
Culi coffee has round beans like beans

Many people mistakenly think that Culi coffee is a separate plant, but actually this is a type that is screened from other Central Highlands coffees such as Arabic, Robusta… so it is very rare, only accounting for about 2-4% of the crop. .

However, it is considered by coffee connoisseurs as a precious buffalo foot seed because of its deep delicious taste, aftertaste, and bitterness compared to other coffees of the same crop.

Above are some famous coffees in the Central Highlands, hope that from this article readers will understand more about the drinks they enjoy every day, as well as enjoy more other types.

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