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Cat watery eyes – Causes and treatments

Cat watery eyes are a common eye disease among pets. Cat watery eyes can come from many different causes, including an eye infection.

An eye infection causes the cat’s eyes to become inflamed and teary. Diseases need to be detected and treated promptly to ensure the health of your pet. To better understand the condition of cats with tears due to eye infections, please learn the necessary information shared by the Agricultural Doctor in the article.

1. What causes cats to have watery eyes due to eye infections?

Eye infections in cats are usually caused by viruses or bacteria. The main cause of the disease is the spread from infected cats to healthy cats. Eye infections are contagious, especially when many cats live together, the higher the rate of transmission. , When a cat has an eye infection, the cat’s eyes will produce more water than usual. accompanied by continuous tearing is watery eyes. Cat’s eye discharge is usually yellow or cloudy green.

2. Signs of cat eye infection

The most recognizable sign of an eye infection in a cat is constant tearing in the cat’s eyes. In addition, eye infections also have recognizable symptoms including:

  • Cats squint

  • The whites of the cat’s eyes are red

  • Red eyes

  • Cats often rub or blink repeatedly

  • Eye discharge

  • Sneezing

  • Inflamed third eyelid

  • Watery eyes that are yellow or cloudy green

This is a common sign when cats have watery eyes due to an infection. Based on these symptoms, you will have a suitable diagnosis and treatment.

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Cats with tears can come from many different causes (Image: Collectibles)

3. Treatment of eye infections in cats

When finding out that your hamster’s eyes are bulging or your cat has an eye infection. You should first remove them from the herd to limit the spread to other cats. You then proceed to take them to the Veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment. Usually, your veterinarian will take a sample of your cat’s eye discharge to test to find out the cause of the disease and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

The doctor will also use an ophthalmoscope to examine and carefully examine the cat’s eyes. If your cat is suspected of having an eye infection, your doctor will conduct a detailed examination to make a conclusion.

After determining the condition, usually, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics and eye drops for the cat. At this time, you should fully comply with the doctor’s instructions and give your cat the right dose and time.

During the treatment of cat tears due to infection, you should keep the sick cat’s distance from other cats. Always isolate sick cats to avoid spreading the disease.


The veterinarian will examine the cat’s eyes to determine the condition (Image: Collectibles)

3. How to take care of a sick cat

Along with prescribing medication, your veterinarian will instruct you on how to care for your cat with an eye infection. Caring for a cat with an eye infection may include steps:

Cats with eye infections often have a lot of discharge. A lot of gel makes the cat’s eyes uncomfortable, especially after a night of waking up, the gel around the eyes will dry and harden, sticking to the eyelids, making the cat unable to open their eyes. At this point, you should mix warm water with salt, then use a small cotton towel. clean, absorb water and apply to the cat’s eyes. This way helps to remove the gel easily, you can use a clean cloth or small cotton swab to remove it without causing discomfort or pain to the cat.

You can use 0.09% physiological saline to instill the cat’s eyes. The saline eye drops will help clean and replenish the necessary moisture to limit the dryness of the cornea. Perform saline drops 3-4 times/day depending on the severity of the disease.

Apply the medication as directed by your doctor. Give your cat a full dose of medication as prescribed by your veterinarian.

The cat’s living area needs to be cleaned to avoid dust and dirt getting into the cat’s eyes. During treatment, some cats may not stay still and move around. This can cause them to collide with obstacles, dirt, making the disease worse. Therefore, you should confine your cat to a separate, clean place, with no obstructions that pose a danger to the cat.

Cats have watery eyes due to many different causes. In the measurement, watery eyes due to eye infection is a dangerous disease, that often occurs in cats. For this disease, you need to detect it early and get timely and proper treatment.

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