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Cattle raising and unexpected benefits

Cattle raising in Pac Nam
Cattle raising

Cattle raising seems to have long been a tradition of the Vietnamese people. And today, breeding is becoming more and more popular. So in the end, what are the benefits of raising cattle and buffaloes that make people so popular? Today, Agri will bring the answer to everyone.

Provide meat and milk for peoplei

Dairy cows
Cow’s milk is a rich source of nutrients

Classified as “red meat”, buffalo meat has high nutritional value. From buffalo meat, people can make many delicious and nutritious dishes. Therefore, cattle raising is increasingly being expanded to provide enough for people’s needs. On the market, bovine meat is always more expensive than the meat of other cattle and even more expensive than poultry (which is white meat).

Protein is the main nutritional value of meat. It is a complete protein, containing all the amino acids needed by the body. Besides protein, meat also contains ingredients that carry many other nutrients, including fat.

One of the benefits of raising cattle is milk. Due to its nutritional completeness and ease of digestion, milk is classified as a premium food. Milk is a precious food for humans, especially for children, the elderly, the weak, sick, etc. It meets our body’s nutritional needs for non-replaceable amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids. , minerals (especially calcium and phosphorus) and vitamins.

Provide fertilizer for plants

cow manure composting process
cow manure composting

Cattle raising also provides fertilizer with many nutrients for plants. Cattle manure is an organic fertilizer with considerable volume and value, bringing many benefits. Every day, each adult buffaloes and cows excrete about 10 – 20 kg of manure, 3 – 5 tons of pure manure a year.

In our country, cattle manure is widely used as fertilizer for farming, meeting 50-70% of the organic fertilizer demand in agriculture.

Provide traction

buffalo carrying rice
Buffalo is used for pulling power

In our country, for a long time, cattle rearing is associated with wet rice farming. Today, we are gradually mechanizing agriculture, but the role of cattle raising in the tillage stage such as plowing and in agriculture in general is still very important.

About 70% of the cattle are involved in this heavy work. According to the data of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in 2000, the level of mechanization in tillage for the whole country only reached 34-35% (in 1995 it reached 29%), of which the level of mechanization in the Mekong Delta = 66%, Red River Delta = 29%. Therefore, it is seen that cattle raising is an important link in the development of agriculture in our country.

In agriculture, buffaloes are used more as pulling power than cows because buffaloes are much better able to work (plowing) than cows, especially in wet rice fields, with deep mud, places ” heavy earth”. According to calculations, an average buffalo can plow 0.25 ha a day and can take care of 3 ha of wet rice cultivation.

Cattle rearing is also used to pull carts, transport rice, transport construction materials and other goods.

Supply products for industry and handicrafts

Buffalo horn used for decoration

Cattle rearing offers many benefits. In particular, buffalo skin is a very important commodity for export as well as providing raw materials for local industry.

People use buffalo and cow skins to produce shoe soles, belts, saddles, etc. Leather can be separated into 3 layers: the outermost layer is used to produce high-class items, make outerwear; The middle layer is used to make suitcases and bags for clothes, while the innermost skin is sticky with meat for the production of smooth leather products, the inner linings …

Cowhide is the main source of raw materials for tanneries. Unfortunately, in our country, there are no appropriate mechanisms and measures to collect this raw material. Many rural areas are still using buffalo hides wastefully, using buffalo hides for food.

Bovine bristles are well suited for the manufacture of fine art brushes and for cleaning some optical machinery.

In addition, cattle rearing also aims to provide products to decorate the home or office space, etc. Buffalo horns, when carefully processed through many stages, can produce many items. valuable, is an extremely important raw material for the handicraft industry. From buffalo horn we can also produce brooches, combs, buttons, decorations, hangers…

With such benefits, cattle raising is becoming more and more popular in many localities, from rural to urban areas. Hopefully after this article, you will have a right decision to start raising cattle in a reasonable way, bringing many benefits to you and your family!

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Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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