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Cats poisoned with rat poison – Signs and symptoms

Strychnine is a very powerful and dangerous poison commonly known as an ingredient in poisons that kill rats, flies, and other rodents. Within a short time after ingestion of the drug, the clinical symptoms of strychnine poisoning gradually appear and become acute eventually leading to sudden death.

Puppies often die from spasms of the muscles involved in breathing, making it difficult for the dog to breathe and lack of oxygen. Dogs and cats of all ages are susceptible to rat poison ingestion and poisoning.

  1. Causes of rat poison poisoning

  • Accidental exposure to toxins (common in cats)
  • Eat and hunt rodents
  • Toxins stick to the skin and the animals are accidentally poisoned by grooming
  1. Symptoms of rat poison poisoning

Here are some symptoms of strychnine poisoning (rat poison poisoning) in dogs and cats:

  • Stiff legs
  • Hard muscle
  • Uncontrollable seizures (sometimes strongly reactive to light or noise)
  • Severe spasms lead to stubborn curvature of the neck and back along with a drop in blood pressure
  • Heart rate increase
  • High body temperature
  • Difficulty breathing or not breathing
  • The animal is vomiting
  1. Diagnosing dogs and cats poisoned with rat poison

Rat poison poisoning on cats and dogs needs immediate emergency. As such, you will need to provide your veterinarian with a history of your cat’s health, the onset of symptoms, and pre-existing incidents.

If you know or suspect that your cat has been poisoned, you can collect a sample of vomit or feces to give to your veterinarian for analysis immediately, who will be able to treat your pet quickly. faster and more efficient.

A blood sample will be taken and tested, as toxins can poison other organs inside the body and throw the body off balance, treatment will be based on specific conditions, with Close supervision and care from veterinarians. Tests to do include blood count, blood chemistry, and urinalysis. Blood biochemistry may show an abnormal increase in enzymes affecting skeletal and cardiac muscle, and urinalysis may show high levels of proteinuria. Your veterinarian may also take a sample of the stomach contents for analysis and determine the effect if the poison damages the stomach lining.

In the following article, Agrisearch will share with readers how to prevent, treat and care for animals with Strychnine poisoning or effective rat poison poisoning. Wish you and your pets always healthy with shared articles from Agrisearch.

Charlie Rosales
Charlie Rosales
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