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Cá cơm mồm – a small coastal specialty with unique flavors

AgriSearch – Discover the Wonderful World of Cá Cơm Mồm

Mùa cá cơm mồm

Discover the Wonderful World of Cá Cơm Mồm

Cá mồm khô ngon nức tiếng
Cá mồm khô chỉ ăn với mắm cũng ngon

Cá cơm is a type of fish that comes in various varieties, but the most popular and highly-priced is cá cơm mồm, also known as cá cơm sữa. It’s a small fish that packs a punch, packed with great taste and abundant nutrients that are beneficial for the body. It is often processed to provide nutrition for pregnant women and young children.

The Marine Specialty: Cá Cơm Mồm

Cá cơm mồm has become a sought-after specialty thanks to its high protein content, abundance of vitamins, and calcium. It is both delicious and rare, which explains why it is more expensive than other types of cá cơm and is commonly consumed directly rather than being used for fish sauce production.

Cá cơm mồm is very small, about the size of a matchstick. It has white flesh that is edible, and it is commonly found in the coastal regions of Central Vietnam, where it is considered a prestigious local specialty. Besides being produced domestically, cá cơm mồm is also exported to countries such as South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

Although it is a specialty, cá cơm mồm is rare and expensive, typically available from the lunar month of August to September.

After being caught, cá mồm needs to undergo initial processing by boiling it in hot water and drying it to remove excess water. It is then stored in a refrigerated warehouse before being transported to processing facilities. The fish is carefully handled and processed before being sold in various provinces and exported abroad.

The Impressive Uses of Cá Cơm Mồm

Despite its small size, cá cơm mồm can be used to create unique and nutritious dishes such as cá mồm soup with fragrant tomatoes, stir-fried cá mồm, and cá mồm porridge. Furthermore, cá mồm is packed with beneficial nutrients for the body.

Eye Protection

Cá cơm mồm is rich in vitamin A, which is beneficial for maintaining eye health and preventing diseases such as cataracts in the elderly.

Skin Beauty

Cá cơm mồm contains vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids that contribute to healthy and smooth skin. It can also aid in weight loss.

Cardiovascular Health

Cá cơm mồm contains a significant amount of saturated fatty acids, which can help reduce bad cholesterol levels and minimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, cá cơm mồm has unexpected benefits such as reducing symptoms of insomnia, providing calcium supplementation, and aiding in postpartum recovery for women.

Pricing of Cá Cơm Mồm

It is not surprising that cá cơm mồm has a high price ranging from 35,000 to 40,000 VND per kilogram for fresh fish. Dried cá mồm is even more expensive, with prices fluctuating around 200,000 VND per kilogram. However, both fresh and dried versions of cá mồm are favored by diners. Fresh cá mồm has a delightful aroma, while dried cá mồm is equally satisfying.

There are different types of cá mồm processed in various ways in the market, such as steamed and sun-dried cá mồm. Each type has a different price. It is advisable to purchase cá mồm from reputable sources to avoid buying counterfeit or fake products.

Mùa cá cơm mồm
Mùa cá cơm mồm – hạnh phúc của ngư dân

The fishermen of Phan Thiết have achieved high incomes through catching cá cơm sọc trắng, sọc đen, and cá cơm mồm. Their faces are illuminated with the happiness brought by the abundance of cá cơm. Despite the challenges and difficulties of their work, the rewards are incredibly satisfying!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most popular type of cá cơm?
– The most popular and highly priced type of cá cơm is cá cơm mồm, also known as cá cơm mờm or cá cơm sữa.

2. Where can cá cơm mồm be found?
– Cá cơm mồm is commonly found in the coastal regions of central Vietnam, and it is also exported to countries like South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

3. What are the unexpected benefits of cá cơm mồm?
– Cá cơm mồm has various benefits, including protecting the eyes, improving skin health, and promoting cardiovascular health.

4. How is cá cơm mồm processed and prepared?
– Cá cơm mồm is first blanched in boiling water, then dried and stored in a cold storage before being processed and sold.

5. How much does cá cơm mồm cost?
– The price of cá cơm mồm is relatively high, ranging from 35,000 to 40,000 Vietnamese dong per kilogram for fresh fish, and even higher for dried fish.

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