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Building a breeding model to get rich from super lean ducks

Techniques for raising super lean ducks (Grimaud ducks)
Techniques for raising super lean ducks (Grimaud ducks)

Super lean duck is one of the duck breeds originating from Europe, also known as Grimuad duck because it was bred from the French GRIMAUD group (Grimoud Frère Company). Thanks to its high economic value, this duck breed appears in many farm models and is widely sold in many places. Because of that, the breeding model of getting rich from super-lean ducks is attracting a lot of people’s attention.

Choose a breed

building a model of super lean duck farming
Super lean duck

Ducks need to be purchased at a reputable establishment, with clear origin, quality assurance, vaccinated against diseases, and full quarantine certificates when selling. ducks begin to eat strongly.

When choosing breeds, you should choose fluffy and smooth feathers, shiny legs, healthy agility, bright eyes, and big eyes. The ones that are too small or too large, the deformed children should be discarded.

Super lean duck farm

Super lean duck farm
Super lean duck farm

Raising super lean ducks does not require too high investment costs. Choose a place to make the barn high with a moderate slope. The area for making the barn should be quiet, hygienic and cool, clean, dry, avoiding rain and drafts.

The foundation of the super lean duck house can be cement, brick or mesh floors. The floor should be built 0.8 – 1 m high from the ground. The floor of the cage has a certain inclination for easy cleaning and drainage. In the cage, it is mandatory to have a litter of 8-10 cm thick. Super-lean duck farming floor has a net on a solid system about 50 cm high on the cement floor covered with rice husks and shredded straw.

A small area is needed to make a playground for ducks. Around the cage, sing through bushes and grass, organize to kill mice, insects, flies, mosquitoes …

Duck breast

Hatching ducks with infrared heaters
Hatching ducks with infrared heaters

Newly purchased super lean ducks need to be brooded separately. Duck brooding should also be on the floor about 30cm above the ground. Incubate ducks with infrared heaters, adjust the light accordingly so that the ducks are not too hot or too cold.

In the early days, the super lean duck’s body is very sensitive to changes in weather, so it is important to maintain a suitable brooding temperature. When you see ducks shrinking, the temperature is cold, if the ducks are spread far away from the light, it is too hot, and the ducks are spread evenly in the compartment, the temperature is right. The brooding area must be clean, dry, and free from rain and drafts.

The brooding cage must have a lid to prevent cats and rats from entering. The husk layer is evenly, flat, about 2-3 cm thick to avoid heat loss.

Care, density management

Density: density of 4-5 fish/m2.

Duck feed and water:

Feed the ducks (illustration)
Feed the ducks (illustration)

Newly bought super lean ducklings are drilled to eat, so fasting for about 4 hours, ducks that have not dried feathers should be fasted for up to 6 hours. During the fasting period, ducks should be given water to drink to treat dry feet. The first 1-3 days should give super ducks Herbal Glucan C.

Feed used for super lean ducks must also come from hygienic feed production facilities. Some ingredients for duck feed: Rice, paddy, crab, snail, beer residue, corn, soybean, bran, shrimp, vegetables, potatoes, water spinach…. Should cook food for better digestion and absorption of super lean duck. Never use moldy or spoiled food.

Feed the duck as much as possible. In order to achieve good feed conversion efficiency, ducks should be fed according to the meal plan, then feed the ducks until they run out of food.
The amount of water goes hand in hand with the amount of food, so the amount of water to drink must also provide a lot, even about 2 times more than food. Drinking water for super lean ducks is clean, automatic water, ensuring that the trough always provides enough water and is not dirty.


Regularly clean and sweep away duck waste. Disinfect the barn once a week.

Check the health of super lean ducks daily by eye in the morning by if detecting any individual with difficulty walking, tearing, feathers, loose wings, white feces… for immediate isolation, monitoring and handle.

For the first 1-3 days, give super lean ducks more antibiotics to prevent intestinal diseases such as: Ampicillin or Oxytetracylilin and B.complex vitamins.

Specific vaccination schedule of super lean duck:

Periodic vaccination schedule of super lean ducks

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