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Building a bird’s nest house, an agent that affects Cedar wood

The cedar forest weeps

Building a bird’s nest house, an agent that affects Cedar wood

Forest cedar wood with its strong, thick characteristics, and scent attracts oats to nest, so for a long time, cedarwood has been the first choice for the construction of swiftlet houses. In addition, raising oats in cedar wood houses, the quality and yield of the nests are also high.

According to research on the website specializing in the construction of bird’s nest houses, each 2-storey bird’s nest house needs 5 cubic meters of wood. With the current market price of cedar wood at about 11-15 million / m3, it is not too high compared to the investment rate of a bird’s nest, only accounting for about 50-70 million wood coins. At this price, Vietnamese cedar wood is priced much lower than imported wood.

According to information from the Ministry of Agriculture, the price of bird’s nest currently fluctuates around 1,500usd-2,000usd/kg, along with the high profit margin, which has attracted many families to choose to invest in new construction or opening. widen the size of the nest.

Building a bird's nest house, an agent that affects Cedar wood

By the end of 2019, according to statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture, Vietnam has over 24,352 bird nest houses built. Based on the natural growth rate of 13.4%/year, by 2030 the number of Vietnamese swiftlets can reach over 323 million, the output is about 900-1,000 tons/year. The above indicators show that by 2030, the number of swiftlet houses that need to be built will be about 20,000. According to the Vietnam Bird’s Nest Association

Hypothetically, each house only needs 2 blocks of wood, the demand for cedarwood has increased to 40,000m3 to serve this demand. However, the actual amount of wood per house can be up to 5m3 or more. So where will the Bach Tung wood come from?

In fact, Bach Tung wood is very popular not only for the needs of making Yen houses, but this is just an example given for analysis in the opposite relationship between economic benefits on the one hand and protection on the other. forest source.

Cedar wood is also popular in building houses, producing furniture… Where will the wood come from?

The cedar forest weeps

Back to the story of the cedar forest being exploited in sub-zone 249 of the Lam Ha Protection Forest Management Board in November 2020. Although cedar wood is prohibited from being exploited in any form, according to the initial record of Lam Ha Forest Protection Department, 11 trees have been cut down, equivalent to 20m3 of finished products.

According to regulations, if the amount of illegally harvested timber is 10m3 or more, criminal prosecution will be initiated. However, in fact, out of 583 cases of violation of the Forest Law in Lam Dong, there are 278 cases where the culprit has not been found, according to Lam Dong Provincial People’s Committee.

According to Mr. Nguyen Khang Thien, “For forest loss, the first responsibility is the unit or enterprise that contracted the forest, then the locality directly the commune and the Commune Forestry Board, then the grassroots ranger.”

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