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British Shorthair Cat with Folded Ears, Characteristics and Care


The British Shorthair is famous for its round face, round eyes, large frame, sturdy body and especially thick, smooth coat that makes them popular among cat lovers. . In the line of British shorthair cats, there are British shorthair cats with short ears and short-legged British cats are the two most sought-after breeds because of their “heart-stopping” cuteness. Today, AgriSearch will introduce you to the British Shorthair cat so you can better understand this cat breed!

1. About the British Shorthair Cat:


British Shorthair Cat (Source: internet)

The British Shorthair Cat is a breed of cat that has been mutated during the crossbreeding of British Shorthair cats. They were then bred and developed quickly and became a new breed of cat that is popular around the world. The first British bobcat discovered was a “cat” named Susie living in Scotland – England. Therefore, in addition to the English name, they are also known by another name, the Scottish Fold. The international name of this fold is Scottish Fold.

There are two types of English bob-eared cats, which are the British short-haired cat and the British long-haired cat. However, if you compare, you will see that the British Shorthair is more popular and popular than the British Longhair.

The British Shorthair has the same characteristics as the British Shorthair, the only difference is that they have a pair of folded down rather than erect. This makes them a rounded body from face to ear, making their appearance a “heart-stopping” cat lover.

2. General characteristics of the British Shorthair cat

Appearance characteristics

The British Shorthair Cat has a short and thick coat like normal British Shorthair cats. Because of their fluffy fur, their bodies appear round, strong and well-proportioned. The British Shorthair’s legs may seem rather short, but because of the thick padding on the legs, they move very gently. The head of a British cat with short hair is quite large, round, thick lips and lips create a feeling of being plump. And the special feature of this cat breed is the drooping ears, for thick-haired cats, the ears are almost invisible, making their faces look like a lovely round shape.

Personality traits

The British Shorthair Cat is a very friendly and gentle pet to humans. They love to be petted, so they often coddle with their owners. This is a very tolerant cat breed, very rarely angry, so families with children often like to raise British short-haired cats. However, this breed is very lazy to exercise, likes to lie down, so the possibility of obesity is also very large. A British shorthair cat with floppy ears will have an average weight of 3kg to 5.5kg, so the “sen” must pay close attention to the weight of the cats to avoid obesity in cats.

3. How to take care of a British short-haired cat with folded ears for a healthy baby?

This is the question of most of the owners of the British Shorthair cat. They are considered a popular pet in the world, so food and health care for British shorthair cats are very interested. Here are some things you need to keep in mind when raising a British Shorthair cat so that your baby can develop in the best way.


How to take care of a British short-haired cat (Source: internet)

Intestinal care for British shorthair cats:

Most British Shorthair cats have a pretty good digestive system, so they usually have very few intestinal diseases. However, you must adjust the appropriate cat diet to ensure that your cat develops comprehensively.

Diet suitable for British Shorthair Cats

The British Shorthair Cats will usually be more picky eaters than other cats, they only like to eat meat, fish and a few vegetables. If you indulge and feed them what they like, they will be deficient in nutrients and not fully developed.

Therefore, you should train the British Shorthair cat to have a nutritious eating habit from an early age so that the baby can form healthy eating habits.

In the baby’s meal, it must be full of nutrients such as: protein, fat and fatty acids, taurine, minerals, vitamins and enzymes, fiber, etc. How these substances are beneficial for cats will be mentioned by AgriSearch. comes in the article “Nutrients essential for the growth of cats”.

Besides, you also need to pay attention to the nutrition according to the age so that the British shorthair cat has the best development.

  • The British Shorthair Cat has the age of 0-4 weeks: This is the stage when the new cat is born, the internal organs are not yet complete. Therefore, during this time, babies should only be breastfed and not given any other foods to avoid causing irritation leading to poisoning in kittens.
  • The British Shorthair Cat has the age of 5-10 weeks: At this point, the kittens begin the weaning process, you can let them drink breast milk, eat seeds (seeds soaked in hot water) and intestinal snacks (pure foods). Only feed a little at a time and divide it into several meals a day.
  • The British Shorthair Cat has the age of 10-15 weeks: This is a relatively rapid period of development for babies, you can completely wean your baby at this stage. At the same time, increase the amount of food, give 4-5 meals a day and can make the food smaller so that the baby can start chewing, no need to puree like the original.
  • The British Shorthair Cat has the age from 15 weeks old to 12 months old: From this time you can feed the cat normally like a big cat, so it should be divided into 3 sessions a day. This is still a developing stage, so you need to pay attention to provide enough nutrients for your baby.
  • British Shorthair Cats with ears up to 12 months old: This is the stage when the cat has matured, the eating organs as well as the cat’s appearance have been completed, you can feed the cat adult cat food and the cat snacks beg you (pay attention to give the cat less food). Snacking), however, you need to pay attention to the appropriate diet so that your cat does not become obese because the older the cat gets, the more sedentary it will be, making the fat accumulate leading to obesity.

In the process of making a menu for your baby, you need to absolutely avoid the following foods because they will harm the cat’s body: cow’s milk, chocolate, grapes, fermented bread, onions, garlic, moldy foods, stale, etc. The above foods can cause poisoning for cats, leading to diarrhea, vomiting and worse, leading to inflammation and stomach bleeding. Besides, you also need to pay attention to the hygiene of the cat food container, always clean to avoid the growth of bacteria that affect the intestinal tract of the British Shorthair cat.

Eye and Ear Care for British Shorthair Cats

The British Shorthair Cat often suffers from eye and ear problems.

The British Shorthair Cat’s eyes often have tears and discharge, causing wet, stained hair below the eyes. This can have a bad effect on the cat’s eyes, if it’s mild, it’s just unsightly, and if it’s severe, it can cause an infection in the cat’s eyes. You need to regularly use towels and paper to clean the cat’s eye area, when you see that the cat has unusual discharge or signs of eye pain, you should take the cat to the veterinarian or buy eye drops for the cat. Note that it should be applied according to the instructions on the package and as directed by the veterinarian.

The British Shorthair Cat’s ear is often overlooked in the cleaning process because it is located out of sight of the owner. Therefore, it leads to a lot of ear infections in British shorthair cats. What you need to do is regularly clean your cat’s ears with cotton swabs and specialized ear cleaners, should be cleaned 1-2 times a week and pay attention to cleaning the folds in the ears.

Nail care, fur and dental hygiene for British Shorthair cats

The British short-haired cat’s nails get long and long, so you should trim your baby’s nails regularly so that when he plays, he doesn’t miss his “hand” and injure you. At the same time, you should buy scratchers for your baby so that when the baby’s nails itch, he will scratch in the right place, not “smashing” the curtains or the sofa in the house.

The British Shorthair Cat has a very thick coat, so they often shed hair, so to avoid cat hair everywhere, you should bathe your cat 2-3 times a month and regularly brush the cat’s hair to remove it. The hairs that have fallen out are still clinging to the cat’s body.

Brushing a cat’s teeth is a very novel cum in recent years. However, cats, like humans, need to be cleaned regularly so that they do not get dental diseases such as tooth decay or gingivitis. In addition, veterinarians recommend that you clean your cat’s teeth regularly to increase the life of the cat, should be cleaned 2-3 times a week.

4. Notes when buying a British Shorthair cat


Notes when buying British Shorthair cats (Source: internet)

You should choose reputable places, you can check to buy cats, avoid being scammed online.

When buying a British Shorthair cat, you must carefully check the condition of the babies:

  • Overview of appearance: check if the children have defects, defects in limbs, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth and other parts. Check to see if the children have skin diseases such as scabies, fungus, or are infected with parasites: fleas, ticks, .. or not.
  • Check the cat’s health by seeing if the cat’s movements are normal, flexible or not. If the kitten is locked up for too long, you can release him and monitor for 20-30 minutes to see if he is walking normally or not.
  • You should stroke the cat in the opposite direction from the tail to the top of the head to see if the baby has any skin problems, if so, it will pop up and you can detect it.
  • When buying a cat, you should buy a cat from 2 months of age or older, this time is when the baby has weaned the mother cat and can eat and drink normally. Cats over 2 months old should be vaccinated, dewormed and vaccinated against rabies.

Above is the information and knowledge about the British Shorthair cat that AgriSearch wants to share so that you can better understand this cat breed. Wish you have a cute and healthy kitten!



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