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Breeding pangasius is effective the first time

Pangasius seed
Pangasius seed

Pangasius seed is a species of fish raised for export and for domestic supply. After the export of pangasius has been expanded, the farming of pangasius has also increased significantly to meet the needs of the market. The way to raise pangasius is already in the article Breeding pangasius, which is considered the mainstay of Vietnam’s seafood export industry, so how to feed the fish more carefully?

Food for raising pangasius fingerlings

– Some places often say that fish should be fed eggs at the first stage, but for new fish, the eggs are quite large and difficult to digest. Therefore, rotifers should be used, suitable for newer fish and easy to digest

– Only when pangasius fingerlings are 3-4 days old, they should be fed eggs or food made from soybean meal.

How to feed pangasius fingerlings:

Week 1: feeding at intervals: 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm

Food for the first week
Food for the first week

Note: Observe the fish to closely monitor the condition of the fish and must treat the food by soaking with water

Week 2: feeding at intervals: 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm.

2nd week food
2nd week food

Note: It is recommended to add intestinal digestive enzymes for pangasius fingerlings from 12-15 days old, add Vinmelac to maintain natural food and supplement oxygen tablets in the morning.

Week 3:

Food week 3
Food for the third week

Note: feed the fish with food with a protein content of 30-40% and must prevent internal and external parasites during this period because at this stage it is necessary to practice feeding the fish around the bridge. .

Week 4:

– Using industrial feed large enough for the mouth of the pangasius fingerlings, the protein level is reduced to 30-35% for three mornings, afternoons and afternoons with a reasonable amount of food.

– After 30 days, filter pangasius seed to evenly avoid big fish eating smaller fish. Additional:

+ Morning: VimeGlucan 5g/kg feed.

+ Noon: Vitamin C Antistress 5g/kg of food.

+ Afternoon: Lactozyme 5g/kg feed.

Week 5 onwards: reduced to only 2 meals morning and afternoon

– Add Vinmelac 5g/kg feed for fingerlings and in the morning and afternoon change to lactozyme 5g/kg

– Water treatment from week 7 so that fish do not get infected and cause disease

– Draw internal and external parasites for pangasius fingerlings continuously for 2 days in the morning

Feed for raising pangasius fingerlings in week 5
Food week 5

Pond management

Daily check around the shirt to promptly handle the pond banks with subsidence, landslides, burrowing frogs or clogged drains.

Absolutely do not let other creatures enter the fish farm

Use chemicals with clear sources and must read instructions carefully, do not use chemicals that are banned or of unknown origin.

Check the indicators of the pond to meet the standards such as the clarity of the water from 30-40cm, the pH between 6.5 and 7 and the NH3 concentration below 1mg/l, the saturated oxygen must be greater than 3mg/l

Combine probiotics and change the water regularly to keep the pond water green

In addition, it is necessary to adjust the size of the pangasius to be uniformly large by feeding the large fish with low-protein food first and then feeding the betta fish with high-protein food later, etc. And there is a way to manage the pond, manage the environment and water. separate waste. Observe pangasius daily to detect disease and promptly handle: intestinal and anal bleeding, hemorrhagic disease, head edema, endogenous parasite infection, blind liver and kidney disease, etc.

Above are some notes on pangasius fingerlings and how to manage the pond appropriately to provide the best growth environment for the fish. It should not be subjective because pangasius is a fish that can adapt to the environment, but in the farming environment, it is necessary to be careful in the technical stages of farming to bring efficiency and great export value.

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