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Boldly grow high-tech cantaloupe and reap great profits

Pre-mixed media used for cantaloupe, vegetables and flowers in the greenhouse

Applying high-tech agriculture in production is now a way to get a great income. Many businesses have applied technology to agriculture and received unexpected results. However, when it comes to Hi-tech cantaloupe cultivation there are still a lot of problems. If you are also interested in this modern method of growing melons, do not rush to skip the article below.

Learn about cantaloupe

Cantaloupe belongs to the cucurbit family and is a fruit tree with a short growing period. Cantaloupe can be harvested many times a year, the tree gives high yield. Depending on the variety of melon, the time for planting and harvesting is from 85 to 90 days.

Cantaloupe is a fruit with a high nutrient content
Cantaloupe is a fruit with a high nutrient content

The nutrient content in cantaloupe is relatively high, strengthens the immune system and can fight many dangerous diseases.

The best weather conditions for melons to grow are warm, dry climates with plenty of light. Cantaloupe grows best at temperatures from 18 to 28 degrees and can maintain a stable life when the ambient temperature is up to 40 degrees.

What is high-tech cantaloupe cultivation?

You can understand simply, high-tech cantaloupe cultivation is a new trending model of fruit growing.

Cantaloupe will be carefully selected for varieties, then planted in the studied soil and climate environment, handling agents that can harm plants.

Hi-tech cantaloupe cultivation is a way to increase production and quality
Hi-tech cantaloupe cultivation is a way to increase production and quality

Especially, the environment for cantaloupe to grow and develop systematically regulates temperature, light, humidity, and water volume to suit each stage of the crop.

Growing hi-tech cantaloupe requires mechanization support and modern technological equipment to ensure that the care, growth, and harvesting processes take place in accordance with the right season.

Surely melons grown with high technology will bring many times higher yields than conventional cultivation. Especially the taste, appearance, and color of melon will also have a higher value.

Notes when growing hi-tech cantaloupe

  • Planting density of melons

According to the research of experts agriculture, planting density will determine the yield of melon. Therefore, high-tech cantaloupe growers need to consider the density of melons to ensure the highest fruit yield.

  • Watering mode for melons

Cantaloupe is suitable for growing in dry, hot and sunny climates. However, this crop also requires a certain amount of water for irrigation each day. Therefore, growers need to carefully consider the amount of incoming water to ensure that the plants grow well, not lack of water but also not waterlogged.

You need to pay attention to the watering regime for melons to grow well
You need to pay attention to the watering regime for melons to grow well
  • Interested in the technique of pressing the tops

Pressing the top of the tree helps the tree to grow better and has the capacity to raise fruit. The technique of pressing the tops of melons determines the growth and fruiting. Therefore, growers need to learn carefully before proceeding.

  • The mode of providing nutrients for plants

In order for cantaloupe to grow quickly, be healthy and give a lot of fruit, good quality, it is impossible to ignore the supply of nutrients to the tree. The amount of nutrients for cantaloupe will vary depending on the growth stage of the plant. Therefore, providing nutrition for cantaloupe can not be done through the speakers, sketchy.

Plant nutrition is a very important factor
Plant nutrition is a very important factor

Above are our sharing about technology Hi-tech cantaloupe cultivation. Hopefully, through this article, you will know that cantaloupe grown with new technology will be more special than the usual way of growing. Thank you for taking the time to read the article.

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