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Black tiger shrimp farming, a golden opportunity to improve economic efficiency

Black tiger shrimp farming
Farming black tiger shrimp to get rich

Black tiger shrimp farming growing in our country. In particular, Vietnam is also one of six countries supplying black tiger shrimp to the world market. Black tiger shrimp has always been a type of seafood that “makes money”, the value of exported tiger shrimp is always 20 to 30% higher than that of other types of shrimp. So, is black tiger shrimp farming difficult? And whether you can develop this model to improve economic efficiency, let’s find out through the article below.

Black tiger shrimp farming
Black tiger shrimp is a delicious, nutritious and profitable seafood (Image source: Sea bear)

Learn about the right environment for black tiger shrimp farming

The temperature for tiger shrimp to be compatible and develop is from 18 to 30 degrees Celsius.

People prepare a water environment with a pH of about 7.5 to 8.5

Shrimp in general do not like light and prefer to live in the bottom. Therefore, the water does not need to be too clear, just within 30 cm.

Alkalinity compatibility is 80 to 120 mg/l to increase disease resistance of shrimp.

OLDPreparing the environment for black tiger shrimp farming

Preparing to raise black tiger shrimp on canvas ponds

Choose a lagoon that is about 80 to 90cm deep and has a flat bottom to line the canvas. People pay attention to remove all hard and sharp objects that can tear the pond canvas. After making sure everything is done, line the pond to cover the bottom and sides of the lagoon. People should choose a thick canvas that can stick to the bottom.

Fix and weld the pond tarpaulin firmly to ensure that the water in the pond does not leak out. Along with that, prevent water from being contaminated with alum so that outside water cannot penetrate into the pond.

Equip the pond with a full shrimp farming support system such as water pump, fan, pH meter or alkali meter, etc.

Preparing to raise black tiger shrimp in a cement tank

In recent years, the black tiger shrimp farming model in Vietnam is strongly shifting to farming in cement tanks, because this model brings great income to farmers.

This new farming model makes the process of raising and caring for shrimp easy, easy to control, stabilize the farming environment, and reduce the number of diseased shrimp.

Shrimp tanks usually have an area of ​​​​about 15 square meters with a 1.2m high wall. The tank must be cleaned and disinfected before being put into use.

Black tiger shrimp farming
Black tiger shrimp farming in cement tanks is a new model in our country

Next to the tiger shrimp pond, it is necessary to build a separate tank for water treatment, ensuring that there are adequate drainage and aeration pipes.

Use chemicals to balance pH, alkalinity and salinity, etc. to ensure a suitable living environment for black tiger shrimp to grow.

How to feed black tiger shrimp?

Black tiger shrimp farming
How to feed black tiger shrimp?

In the process of preparing the pond for raising tiger shrimp, she fertilizes the pond with colored fertilizers, in order to create conditions for the growth of animals and phytoplankton in the pond. This natural food source is especially important in the early stages when shrimp are small.

Black tiger shrimp is a seafood that brings more economic value than expected, so tiger shrimp farming needs to improve shrimp quality and grow healthy. Provide industrial feed in pellet form containing vitamin C, minerals, digestive enzymes, etc. After 1 month of farming, black tiger shrimp are fed protein-containing foods.

How to treat diseases for black tiger shrimp

Black gill disease is a common disease when the pond is in poor quality, the pond water is contaminated or maybe the stocking density is too high. Infected shrimp often show black gills, tail, and legs. Because of the disease, small shrimp are weak, eat less or die.

The cause is because the pond is dirty, so people treat it by aerating the pond, using probiotics to decompose the waste accumulated at the bottom of the pond, picking up algae in the pond and then changing the water.

Calcification disease, algae appeared when the shrimp was grown. Signs of disease in shrimp are seaweed in the body, small shrimp weak, eat less, shrimp gills change color.

The cause of the disease can be caused by algae, fungi, protozoa and bacteria in the pond. In order to treat this disease, people need to renovate ponds and shrimp ponds, dredge organic matter in ponds, use probiotics to clean the living environment for shrimp.

Black tiger shrimp farming
Preventing diseases for black tiger shrimp to harvest effectively

Early mortality syndrome (EMS) is a dangerous and common disease in shrimp. Infected shrimp are very weak, have thin shells, empty intestines and abnormal livers, and die about 2 to 3 days later. People need to apply biosecurity measures and remember to add micro-organisms and digestive enzymes to shrimp.

Another disease that causes shrimp to react slowly, swim aimlessly, digestive system decline, shrimp shells emit white or green light at night, causing death after 45 days of infection. glowing shell disease.

The cause of the disease is the luminous bacteria living inside the shrimp body. The way to treat that is to clean the shrimp farming water, clean the tank, aerate and remove toxic gases NH3, NO2 in the pond.

Through the above techniques, have you partly imagined what you have to do to develop a model of black tiger shrimp farming? Black tiger shrimp brings high nutritional value, and is the most “priced” export seafood on the market today. Do not hesitate any longer, let’s start a business thanks to this model.

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