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Bio-fertilizer and outstanding advantages of this fertilizer

Bio fertilizer has been gradually replacing inorganic chemical fertilizers because of its outstanding quality and efficiency. Along with the advancement of science and technology, organic fertilizers of biological origin are increasingly cheap, easy to use and preserve, and bring high value in agricultural cultivation.

What is bio fertilizer?

Like biological pesticides, bio-fertilizers are preparations of biological origin (organic substances, trace elements, minerals, microorganisms…).

Bio-fertilizers are preparations derived from microorganisms, microelements and minerals
Bio-fertilizers are preparations derived from microorganisms, microelements and minerals

How to use bio-fertilizer?

Depending on the type of land for production, plant varieties, bio-fertilizers should be used appropriately. When applying biological fertilizer to improve soil, it should be mixed with other media such as decayed manure, rice husk ash or coconut fiber to disperse the amount of microorganisms evenly on the ground.

Bio-fertilizers are very suitable when added at the beginning of the planting period, ie priming or after each harvest to increase rooting ability; detoxify the soil, prevent diseases for plant roots as well as help replenish the amount of microorganisms lost during cultivation.

Note: When applying biological fertilizers, it is necessary to isolate for lime, pesticides, and herbicides for at least 5-7 days.

The outstanding advantages of bio-organic fertilizers

  1. Improve production and quality of agricultural products

This is the most noticeable thing when using bio-organic fertilizers. Substances, compounds, minerals, trace elements (N, P, K …) are adequate in fertilizers to help plants maximize yields. On the other hand, nutrients, trace elements, microorganisms … also help plants grow in a stable “natural” way, providing outstanding quality of agricultural products, without residues of toxic chemicals such as chemical fertilizers. Inorganic.

Bio-fertilizers help improve the quality of agricultural products
Bio-fertilizers help improve the quality of agricultural products
  1. Increase resistance, fight pests

  • Bio-organic fertilizers help plants increase their resistance to fight some specific pests and diseases on plants by 2 mechanisms:
  • Improve self-resistance
  • The essential oil mixtures in organic fertilizers have the effect of repelling and preventing insects and insects.
  1. Conservation and improvement of the soil environment

Is an outstanding advantage that no other inorganic chemical fertilizers have. The organic matter in the bio-fertilizer combines with the organic matter in the soil to form sustainable biological structures that help prevent soil erosion. On the other hand, bio-organic fertilizers also have the effect of removing alum, reducing acidity, and detoxifying the soil (inorganic and organic toxicity), helping to improve soil quality.

  1. Safe, flexible in use, technology application

Bio-organic fertilizers do not contain harmful chemicals, are safe for users, friendly to the environment (also have the effect of protecting and improving the soil environment as mentioned).

In particular, bio-organic fertilizers are also easily used through high-tech equipment to reduce labor and increase efficiency of fertilizer spraying by P-Globalcheck agricultural aircraft – unmanned aircraft. , spraying pesticides, spreading manure, sowing seeds.

Bio-organic fertilizers do not contain harmful chemicals
Bio-organic fertilizers do not contain harmful chemicals

Over the past time, there have been many projects combining organic fertilizers with P-Globalcheck aircraft with very high efficiency. The spraying of fertilizer by agricultural plane allows bio-organic fertilizer to be evenly distributed, increasing the efficiency of fertilizer reaction, and at the same time shortening the time and reducing labor force.

Bio-organic fertilizers, the future of agriculture

With the outstanding advantages mentioned above, bio-organic fertilizers will definitely be an important and decisive element in modern, green and sustainable agriculture.

Bio-organic fertilizers are the future in modern agriculture
Bio-organic fertilizers are the future in modern agriculture

The fact that more and more units and organizations are involved in the research and production of bio-organic fertilizers such as Nong Phat Dat Company will create more quality products and diversify choices for farmers. people.

On the other hand, the flexible combination of organic fertilizer and agricultural plane P-Globalcheck maximizes the strength of this product line. Agriculture in Vietnam in particular and the world in general has been developing in an organic direction, applying scientific and technological achievements, as well as digital technology to constantly develop and be more successful.

Emilia Chaney
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