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Billionaire career or illusion?

The prospect of raising bird's nest in the house
Bird’s nest

Currently, bird nest farming is considered a “billion-dollar profession”, perhaps people will wonder what the prospect of raising oats in the house will be like. Farmers can earn hundreds of billions a year thanks to the model of raising swiftlets in the house. Bird’s nest is made from bird’s saliva – listed in the list of the most valuable and nutritious food groups that are consumed the most. Not only in Vietnam but also in many countries around the world. Can say, The prospect of raising bird’s nest in the house is very high and is being interested by many people.

Nutritional value of bird’s nest

The prospect of domestic bird nest farming in our country
Bird’s nest is rich in nutrition

Bird’s nest is a precious food made from the saliva of swiftlets. Bird’s nest is rich in protein, amino acids as well as many healthy micronutrients. With the effect of beautifying the skin, nourishing the blood, improving the digestive system, etc., it is considered a “panacea” in the world. Farmers can earn “billion silver” by raising oats, bird’s nest is also considered “white gold” – something valuable and expensive is no different from gold and silver.

The prospect of raising oats in the house: many billionaires get rich by raising oats

If in the past, the bird’s nest only served for mandarins, kings, and people in the palace, now, ordinary people can also enjoy this bird’s nest. Even ordinary people can build houses, lure birds to feed. Many people think that swiftlets only live and nest in the wild, but that’s not the case, now there are many families who raise swiftlets at home.

Birds nest can be raised in the house
Bird’s nest

People find the hope of getting rich, the prospect of raising oats in the house from here.

Nest houses often have a lower floor used for living and trading, the upper floor is sealed, containing many ventilation holes with speakers to simulate bird calls all day to “seduce” the nest. The house is about 100 square meters in size, with a full wind and cooling system, creating favorable conditions for the swiftlets to live.

Birds often eat not much and rarely get sick. They usually live in pairs, have pairs and usually lay 2-3 times a year, each time laying 2 eggs. The annual production of bird’s nest in Vietnam is quite high, averaging about 5000kg.

The prospect of domestic bird nest farming is clearly reflected in market consumption and price. On the market today, the price of 1kg of farmed bird’s nest ranges from 32 million to 42 million dong.

In provinces such as Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc, Dong Nai, Tien Giang, An Giang, etc., there have been many billionaires who got rich from bird nests with huge incomes of 400-500 million VND/month.

In some provinces of Tien Giang, Phu Quoc island… the price of oats is much cheaper than in the central provinces. Only about 30-40 million/kg of bird’s nest but the nutritional value has not changed.

Even bird’s nests are very popular in international markets such as China, Thailand, etc. Typically in Malaysia, 1 kg of bird’s nest is worth about 60-65 million VND.

Model of raising oats in the house
Breeding oats at home

Because bird’s nest is rich in nutrients, many people can afford to spend tens of millions of dollars to buy it. So farmers can make a profit from this new and interesting farming model, which increases the prospect of people’s nest farming in their homes.. But is it really true that just raising swiftlets can be easily changed? life, get rich in just a few years?

Bird nest farming: easy but very difficult!

Although the prospect of raising bird’s nest in the house is very high and many people are interested, there are still many difficulties. The profession of building a house to raise bird’s nest is not just “build a house and wait for the birds to come in”. This is a profession that requires a lot of knowledge and skills. To be able to entice swiftlets to live in, one must know the techniques of raising swiftlets.

The prospect of raising bird's nest in the house
Model of raising oats in the house

Even though the prospect of raising bird’s nest in the house is high, this is a profession that needs good luck, heaven and earth, and people’s harmony to succeed. There have been many cases of waiting years for only a few pairs of swiftlets to fly in and then fly away. Professional bird nesters in Ninh Thuan have admitted that there are very invested swiftlet houses with favorable conditions for swiftlets in favorable positions, but they just hover and leave, not making nests.

Many people find that people raise swiftlets effectively, so they also spontaneously raise them without a plan, with a clear and specific orientation that only cares about profits, the prospect of raising swiftlets in the house leads to “empty hands”. In addition to valuable bird’s nest products, many individuals and organizations, for the immediate benefit, fake bird’s nests, causing people to lose money but not gain any benefits.

In addition, climate change and hunting are worrisome situations that put swiftlets at risk of decline, affecting the prospects of domestic swiftlet farming.

The prospect of raising bird’s nest in the house brings high profits, but there are still many difficulties. With this profession, it is not enough to invest in money to buy a house and equipment, labor and techniques to raise oats, but also to have a little “lucky luck” to be effective and bring high profits. But getting rich is not just a matter of a moment, sometimes a lifetime, so dare to think and do it, never stop learning, and one day we will reap “sweet fruits”!

I have just learned about the prospects of raising bird’s nest in the house, hoping to be able to help people in their journey to get rich.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaneyhttps://agrisearch.net
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