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Being a vegetarian is going against nature

Most people in the vegan community believe that vegetarianism is pure nature. Humans are born with the most suitable biological structure to eat vegetables. Here are 5 reasons that prove it: being a vegetarian is against nature.

5 reasons vegetarianism goes against nature

1. Humans possess many “weapons” for hunting

Humans have strong back muscles, strong arms and the ability to throw a javelin powerfully and accurately. This advantage helped our ancestors hunt large animals such as cows, deer… for meat. Unlike the ancient apes, humans developed the ability to run on two legs very well. This ability is not only used for migrating to distant places, but also for chasing prey and exhausting them.

Drawing of ancient people hunting animals

Looking at history, it can be seen that most of the important discoveries are used for “eating salty”. Sharpening of sharp stones is reserved for cutting meat (fruits & vegetables can be easily torn by hand/teeth). Early rudimentary weapons such as spears and stone axes made hunting effective. In particular, fire is considered the most important invention of man, used to scare away wild animals and cook animal meat…

2. Human ancestors actually…. also eat meat

Many people support the idea that vegetarianism is pure nature because they make the argument: “Humans evolved from ancient apes, they ate fruit, not meat.” However, the truth is not quite so. Recently, in a report by a group of South African and French researchers, they found that the ancient people Australopithecus robustus, 1 million years ago, knew how to use long, sharp bone tools to find and catch insects. .

human lineage hominins members lineages apes interpretations
Human evolution

Take a look at the animal that most resembles our ancestors: the monkey. Most of us think that monkeys are herbivores, eating only bananas and fruits. But as it turns out, monkeys eat plants and animals. A large number of monkeys eat meat in the form of bird eggs, small lizards, insects and spiders. More surprisingly, there are monkeys that know how to use rocks to break the hard shells of oysters and sea clams for meat.

3. Vitamin B12 – An essential vitamin for the body found in animals

B12 – an extremely important vitamin for red blood cell formation, DNA production, cell metabolism and nerve function. This is a vitamin that the body cannot synthesize on its own and is only found in animal meat. The ancestors of humans, the ancient apes, synthesized this vitamin from eating small insects such as termites, lizards, etc.

vitamin b12 supplement 1
B12 – An essential vitamin for the body

In addition, animal meat also provides a large amount of nutrition and serves the evolution and comprehensive development of humans. In a study by anthropologist Briana Pobiner, it was proved that eating meat and cooking food transformed the intelligent human species into the modern man it is today, allowing the brain to grow enormously over several million years. Over 6 million years of evolution, the size of the human brain has increased by 300%, accounting for only 2% of the total adult weight, but consuming up to 20% of the energy. This is truly extraordinary, and animal nutrition is a key factor in its making.

4. Structure of teeth

Some proponents of veganism make the argument: “Humans were created to be vegetarian instead of salty, because two human teeth are structured very much like that of animals that eat vegetables: they have molars and jawbones for grinding and chewing food.“. In fact, the fangs are used for fighting, not for eating. And finally, this argument forgets that we humans are the only species on earth that know how to use fire, chop and cook food before eating. Unlike every other creature on earth, we are the only one that knows how to cook.


With normal carnivores, canines grow large and long to plug and hold prey. The premolar and carnivorous teeth are large, helping to cut meat into small pieces for easy swallowing. With humans, we hunt with spears, cut meat with sharp sharpening stones, soften meat with fire & clay pots. Therefore, it cannot be asserted that the human tooth structure is only for eating vegetables.

5. Archaeological proof of human carnivorous lifestyle

According to the results of the study, published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, researchers discovered that humans are inherently “hypercarnivores” – the term for carnivorous animals with diets up to 70% – in about 2 million years.

Before the 20th century, there was not really a record or recipe for a vegetarian lifestyle. There must have been groups of people with the habit of eating only plants, but this number is not large enough to prove that human vegetarianism is purely natural.

If being vegan is not natural, why should we still be vegan?

Eat vegan
Why should we be vegetarian?

Although the above arguments can be controversial, Agri still wants to quote here, so that we can have a more multi-dimensional view of vegetarianism, about being natural. Multidimensional perception helps us to be more objective and open-minded: vegetarian and vegan have no high or low. Vegetarians are not necessarily natural – and salty eaters are not necessarily lacking in love & compassion. Simply put, it’s a personal choice. Please do not judge & criticize.

1. Go vegan for love

Any animal is eager to live – afraid to die. They know fear, protect their children, love and want to be loved. We have no right to torture, torture, and send them to the slaughterhouse! Choose a vegan lifestyle,

Plus, veganism boycotts the most common cause of human pandemics – including the coronavirus. Human consumption of animal meat, especially wild animals, has caused many unpredictable consequences. The MERS epidemic was caused by the habit of drinking camel milk, the Ebola epidemic was caused by the habit of eating dried bats and crows; The HIV pandemic spread from monkeys to humans and created the largest and most recent human pandemic: Corona spread from bats / pangolins.

Video about the history of the Ebola pandemic

2. Go vegan for the environment & mother Earth

Reducing animal killing is also a way to protect mother Earth. Going vegan is one of the ways to protect the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The livestock industry creates many negative impacts on the environment. The amount of CO2 emitted from this industry accounts for 9% of the world, it also emits 37% of methane CH4 (a gas with a greenhouse effect 23 times higher than CO2), 65% of NOx ( has a greenhouse effect 296 times higher than CO2) and produces two-thirds of all ammonia emissions, the main cause of acid rain that destroys ecosystems. These are really alarming numbers.

Moreover, to meet the livestock production needs a huge amount of fresh water, while the world is at risk of facing a serious shortage of fresh water. Being a vegetarian is also a small contribution to minimizing the negative impact on the surrounding environment, as well as a hand in protecting mother Earth.

3. Go vegan for health

Vegetarians often have lower levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, low blood pressure, and lower rates of hypertension and type 2 diabetes than meat eaters. Vegetarians tend to have a lower body mass index (BMI), a lower overall cancer rate, and a lower risk of chronic disease.


Vegetarianism may not be natural, but if you have to choose between a safe, loving, eco-friendly lifestyle and a lifestyle that tortures animals, destroys the environment and threatens the future of humanity, What type would you choose? Please choose and leave your opinion in the comment section!

The battle between vegetarians and vegans

Reference: Veganism Isn’t Natural. It’s time to settle the debate that… | by Macken Murphy | Tenderly | 20210416

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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