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Azud Qgrow automatic fertilizing device helps melon farms achieve high efficiency

Azud Qgrow automatic fertilizing device for cantaloupe

Azud Qgrow automatic injector

Today’s technology is progressing, the work of irrigation and fertilizing crops is also developing constantly. There are also many farms that use automatic fertilizing equipment and technology to improve yield and quality of fruit.

In the framework of this article, we would like to introduce a number of devices and automatic injecting technology of Azud company – Spain for your reference.

Automatic injector Azud QGrow ATFertilizer is the simultaneous, controlled application and ability to zoning fertilizers and water through an irrigation system. The purpose of the Automatic Fertilizer is to keep the water and nutrients at the optimum level to achieve maximum production under the available environmental conditions.

The basis of the AZUD QGROW dialysis system is a system of fecal suction channels based on the Venturi principle.

Low cost of fertilizer use (very economical fertilizer), along with simplicity in operation and installation, so in fact AZUD QGROW is the best solution for automatic fertilizing in the system. irrigation.

The Qgrow automatic manure collection system is suitable for the requirements of each project. The device has a wide choice of suction flow, number of suction channels, investment cost and high or low automation.

Advantages Function of automatic injector Azud Qgrow

  • Resistant to chemical products.
  • It does not need a special power source.
  • Robust equipment frame available.
  • Can be used with lysis tanks of all sizes
  • Combine multiple fertilizers at the same time.
  • Easy automation.
  • Prepare the correct fertilizers based on the program settings in proportion, by EC, by application time.

03 popular acupuncture lines Azud Qgrow

Azud Qgrow Basic Stool Pump

Azud Qgrow V series stool suction machine

Azud Qgrow Automatic Stool AT series

MITHRA HIDRO 3K . irrigation system controller

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