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Automatic irrigation technology Rivulis

Automatic irrigation technology Rivulis

Automatic irrigation technology Rivulis Israel

Rivulis automatic irrigation technology is the solution to make irrigation more accurate, smarter, and saves time, effort and finance.

Rivulis is a visionary company with a broad product offering, a modern product roadmap that meets a wide range of irrigation needs for the agricultural industry.

Rivulis develops product lines for agriculture such as: Rivulis X-Pell, the world’s first insect repellent drip tape and drip lines such as: Eolos compact, D1000 and PC D5000; H6000, a new layflat with pre-set parameters.

Some of Rivulis’ Automatic Irrigation Technology:

Rivulis . drip line

A wide range of Rivulis drip irrigation solutions has drip lines and drip tapes, plus pressure compensating, antirust and pressure resistant solutions.

Engineered to the highest standards of quality and engineering, drip lines and drip tapes ensure resistance to clogging, maximum uniformity and maximum yield at harvest.

Rivulis drip irrigation wire (tube) includes many types specialized for agricultural irrigation, landscape irrigation such as: D5000, T-Tape, Hydro Bloom, … with different thicknesses and eye distances, suitable for variety of irrigation garden structures and different uses.

Rivulis . drip irrigation head

With over 40 drip tip products, Rivulis offers the most comprehensive drip product available including variable flow rates, hose connection options and pressure compensating combinations and connections to PC hose types. or PCND tube.

Drip irrigation head solutions are ideal for agricultural, greenhouse and intensive field applications.

Rivulis . sprinkler

Rivulis offers a wide range of pressure compensating and non-compensating sprinklers that deliver season after season performance with high yields, consistent quality and efficient crop production.

Spray nozzles are suitable for many agricultural models from farm to household, as well as effective in watering landscapes and gardens.

Rivulis . flexible LDPE pipe

When it comes to transporting water from a reservoir to a field, rivulis’ revolutionary latest addition makes it easier and faster. Rivulis H6000 PE layflat products are used for direct water conduction with long life, no leakage and easy and quick installation.

Rivulis . Garbage Filter

Filters are the number one way to purify water and ensure contaminants do not enter the irrigation system. We offer a wide range of disc filters, hydrocyclone/sand filters, mesh filters.

Each Rivulis filter is manufactured to provide the highest level of protection through its durable construction and optimal filtration efficiency.

Solenoid valve – pressure relief valve – gas relief valve Rivulis

The Rivulis valve provides efficient system control. Valve systems are designed for precise flow and pressure regulation, remote activation and system protection. There are plastic and metal control valves and a wide range of air valves.

Rivulis . connection accessories

The irrigation system works effectively when the products are integrated in a uniform manner. Rivulis provides accessories to serve the best such as: connecting elbows, pipe numbing,…

For more details, see Rivulis’ automatic irrigation technology.

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