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Applying high-tech agricultural model in schools in highland provinces

High-tech agricultural model at school

Without being fussy and needing as much space as traditional agriculture, the high-tech agricultural model has now been applied by schools in mountainous areas to create a practical environment for students. Not only on the dry pages of books, but students can experience reality and learn many modern technologies. At the same time, the school also provides a source of clean vegetables for students and staff in the school.

The school applies the high-tech agricultural model in practice

In some highland districts as well as Lao Cai city, many schools have implemented high-tech agricultural models in their teaching. Students not only have access to modern technologies in agriculture but also have practical experience and have more interesting lessons. The content on cultivation and animal husbandry is integrated in many subjects of the school.

With the advantage of boarding schools in mountainous provinces, with a large cultivation area, many schools organize vegetable cultivation, even raising chickens and pigs, etc. to improve the meals for the children.

High-tech agricultural models at schools not only attract students to participate, but also the main source of food for their meals. It also creates a green and clean school landscape. But this job is more meaningful and also helps them have the conditions to approach reality, in accordance with the customs and lifestyle of the local people after studying in the lecture hall.

High-tech agricultural model is applied in many highland schools

Schools in mountainous districts have chosen a suitable model for themselves. In Bac Ha is an ecological school model and has been successful at Thai Giang Pho Kindergarten, Ta Phin Primary School, Ta Van Primary and Secondary School, Bac Ha Boarding Ethnic School…

In Muong Khuong, Si Ma Cai and Bao Yen districts, there are models of multicultural schools associated with the community, farm schools, etc. But most especially, in Van Ban district, the model of growing plants in net houses. High-tech integration is a new way of doing things being applied in many schools in the area.

At Khanh Yen Ha Secondary School (Van Ban district), students have access to net houses, greenhouses, growing plants on substrates, automatic irrigation…

The change in students’ perception from the practical model

Although many children’s families depend on agriculture for their livelihood, new and modern equipment for irrigation has also partly changed the children’s perception of the field of agriculture.

Since coming into operation, the high-tech agricultural system has made every hour of practice in the school more interesting and meaningful.

Student Vu Thanh Thuy, class 8A, said that when at home, the technique of planting trees is very simple, unlike at school, so the effect is not high. At school, we learn about telling our parents to apply it, the more effective it is. We are very interested in planting trees like this.

Products from high-tech agricultural models Serving meals for boarding students

Compared with the previous traditional method of gardening, the high-tech tree planting model of Khanh Yen Ha Secondary School shows many advantages, helping active farming and diversifying plant varieties.

The products after being harvested are brought to serve the meals of the semi-boarding students at the school. The school’s high-tech green vegetable growing area is divided evenly among classes and is a rich, clean and abundant food source…

The school’s principal, Mr. Nguyen Van Tap, said: “When growing in a net house, it is better to apply higher techniques, not to be affected by the outside, to limit pests and diseases from which the product is abundant and of good quality. Through that, students feel more effective, work enthusiastically, and combine study and practice better.”

According to Mr. Nguyen Huu Thien, Head of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Van Ban district, stemming from the success of farm school models in the area, the district’s agricultural sector has introduced more high-tech applications to help students access gradually with advanced techniques, contributing to career orientation, changing farming thinking for their families, who still take agriculture as the main economic pillar.

“In addition to guiding the children, this is also an opportunity to propagate to the children the benefits of high-tech application production, thereby having a certain impact on the farmer households who are the parents of the farmers. children so that they can access and expand the model in the area in the future, “said Mr. Thien.

Currently, the whole Van Ban district has a total of 15 schools equipped with a system of net houses and greenhouses, which over time have been put into operation, showing very positive results. Some schools after initial success are having the idea of ​​​​converting to some new and more difficult varieties such as strawberries, black tomatoes, off-season vegetables, flowers of all kinds… for students to experience freely, so that schools can capital. practice more practical.

Building a high-tech rural area in Tuyen Quang province

Source: https://nongnghiep.vn/

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