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Application (app) to help farmers sell agricultural products directly

An app that helps farmers sell agricultural products directly to buyers

Application (app) to help farmers sell agricultural products directly

Recently I have always envisioned a simple application that helps farmers easily connect with consumers and sell/deliver products directly to local consumers as well as to tourists when they to a new locality and they want to buy specialty products, fresh in the area they come to as a gift. That can be defined as a Application (app) to help farmers sell agricultural products directly and bypass the intermediary stages such as traders or rural markets.

To be able to design this application – An application that sells agricultural products directly to buyers, we need to visualize the behavior of objects participating in the transaction chain in the way they usually do and in the way that App to sell agricultural products directly can assist them.

  1. Describe buyer behavior of agricultural products – food

1.1. According to the old habit

  • Go to the supermarket
  • Go to the market
  • Order online (very few)
  • For tourists who want to buy specialties as gifts: Ask the hotel reception, drive, buy at roadside shops in tourist areas, search on google…

1.2. The way the app can help the buyer

  • Search by location
  • Search by keyword + locator
  • Search by category + locator

1.3. Main feature:

  • Register as a seller
  • Location declaration
  • Update profile: Introduction to farming, crops and animals, avatars…
  • Posting products for sale (note the harvest time, product characteristics: available or sold out, product quantity, actual photos)
  • Monitor the number of views;
  • Live chat and answer customers
  • Booth management interface: Number of people viewing post, number of orders, revenue, product category, number of products, unit price, image….
  • Applications for delivery, payment
  • Push / ads . function

2. Describe the behavior of sellers of agricultural products

2.1. According to the old habit
  • Bring it to the market
  • Sell ​​to traders (traders come to collect or bring to the gathering point). There may be debt
2.2. How the App can help farmers
  • Proactively reach a large number of customers in a certain geographical area (by product push)
  • Buyers actively search for products based on positioning, especially selling agricultural products to tourists
2.3. Features for customers
  • Register as a member – shopper
  • Declare the location, and the location will be automatically updated when the member moves
  • Declare profile
  • Search function, especially map search
  • Seller rating (review, vote)

3. How agricultural products reach consumers

Former method:

Farmers harvest >> bring to market (or sell to traders) >> traders also bring to market >> sell to buyers. May be in debt.

The farmer did not know how many vegetables he would sell that day. And there can be a significant amount of waste.

New method:

The farmer receives the request >> harvest >> Deliver to the buyer and receive the money.

The farmer knows for sure how much produce will need to be harvested during the day. No excess product thrown away.

Some advantages The application (app) to help farmers sell agricultural products directly to buyers brings:

  • As much as customers order, they can harvest as much, limiting excess
  • Vegetables are always watered alive
  • Make it easy for people in other localities to travel to buy specialties of each region
  • Evaluate vegetable gardens, farms, reputable sellers. Farm owners will be more responsible to society.
  • No limit on business time

Main features of the Application (app) to help farmers sell agricultural products directly to buyers:

  1. Features with sellers
  2. Features with buyers
  3. Map feature
  4. Process of purchase – delivery – payment – review
  5. Some extended applications: technical guidance – clean farming process; supply agricultural materials

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