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Advantages When Producing Organic Agricultural Products

When it comes to Vietnam, we can immediately think of an ancient agriculture spanning thousands of years. However, the abuse of chemical methods in farming is gradually pushing our country’s agricultural industry into many problems. Typically, disease outbreaks, soil and water pollution, poor quality of agricultural products, etc. In order to thoroughly solve these problems, it is advisable to switch to a sustainable direction with production. organic agricultural products. So let’s list the benefits of organic agricultural production for us with AgriSearch.net!

  1. Improve the quality of agricultural production

The most prominent advantage is the improvement of the safety and quality of agricultural products. When producing organically, consumers can rest assured that there are no harmful chemical products. In addition, the strict control of factors when growing, ensures the safety of the product. At the same time, organic production helps agricultural products to enhance their distinctive flavor.

Organic agricultural products always ensure quality and improve safety for users' health
Organic agricultural products always ensure quality and improve safety for users’ health
  1. The road to export agricultural products is expanded

In countries around the world, the import of agricultural products must follow a very strict process. And of course agricultural products can only be imported when meeting the best organic standards. The development of organic agriculture contributes to bringing Vietnamese agricultural products closer to exporting abroad.

It can be evidenced from the fact that now some of our organic products are exported. Prominent among them are: Tuyet San organic tea, organic rice, organic coffee, etc.

  1. Creating a sustainable foundation in agricultural production

Organic farming enhances and promotes the balance of nature in farming. As a result, respecting the laws of nature, protecting the land, water and natural enemies, and preserving the environment are considered as long-term and sustainable steps for the future.

  1. Protecting land resources

Organic agricultural production is carried out according to the process of crop rotation, cover crop system, symbiosis and the use of organic fertilizers. These factors have contributed to improving soil organisms and forming stable soil structure.

The replacement of chemical fertilizers with those organic fertilizer helped the soil improve the physicochemical properties, increase the fertility, the amount of humus and organic matter in the soil. As a result, it contributes to improving and improving the quality of the cultivated land.

Using organic fertilizers to care for agricultural products is a way to avoid harming soil resources
Using organic fertilizers to care for agricultural products is a way to avoid harming soil resources
  1. Bringing the best benefits to the water source

When using chemical fertilizers, plants do not fully absorb them. Part of the dissolved substance in the water is used for irrigation in ditches, while the other part is absorbed into the groundwater. These are the causes of serious pollution of the water environment.

Therefore, not using chemical products, organic agriculture promises to be a reasonable solution to help limit water pollution.

  1. Regulating the ecology of the environment

The criteria set for organic agricultural production is to always balance ecological factors in organic farming. By not seeing insects as harmful animals, not seeing weeds as things that must be eliminated by chemical means. Farmers need to see these as balancing factors of nature. Organic production helps to rebalance the ecosystem, to be more harmonious and diverse.

  1. Bringing benefits to the air environment

Organic agriculture helps reduce the use of a non-renewable energy source. As a result, it contributes to reducing the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Growing organic agricultural products also brings good benefits to the air environment
Growing organic agricultural products also brings good benefits to the air environment
  1. Still ensuring the yield and quality of the crop

The reduction in crop yields is what farmers worry most about when they want to start with organic farming. However, it is still possible during the early transition between conventional and organic farming.

However, reports, studies and practice in many countries have shown that, when the ecology of the place of planting is improved, the yield of organic farming will outperform traditional farming.

Along with many benefits from organic agricultural production, it promises to be a sustainable direction for the agriculture of Vietnam and the world. Organic farming is safe for health, for the protection of the surrounding environment and also for yourself.

Hopefully with the content about the benefits of organic agricultural production that we share. You will no longer wonder and wonder about this topic. Thank you for your interest in following the article.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaneyhttps://agrisearch.net
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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