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Acidic soil can also squeeze out billions if you know how

Acidic soil can also squeeze out billions

Alkaline soil is the main concern of farmers. Perhaps we have heard the name Israel Startup Nation, we admire their creativity that makes the desert come to life, they grow trees and raise fish in the desert making it a pride and pride. pride of the country. Nothing is impossible if we work hard, always explore and learn with relentless creativity, and we also have people who make miracles by getting rich on this impossibly difficult land.

Acidic soil – the obsession of farmers

Acid sulphate soil is the quintessence of farmers
Soil contaminated alum

Acidic soil is a soil containing sulfide (FeS, FeS2) and sulphate of iron, aluminum (FeSO4, Fe2(SO4)3, Ah2(SO4)3 causing soil acidity, reducing yield, especially in crops and rice. soil < 4 contains many toxic substances for plants.The activity of microorganisms in this soil is very poor, the process of organic chemical fertilizer is difficult.

Acid sulphate soils are considered as the “evil” of farmers because of the consequences they leave behind. Acid acid soil directly affects the growth of plants, it is difficult for plants to absorb nutrients, even dead plants, making the soil environment polluted, besides also affecting water sources.

A Dutch expert once said: “Alum soil is a demon, let it sleep, don’t wake it up because not only does it not benefit but people are also disturbed by it.”

Acidic soil where many billionaires were born

The area of ​​acid acid soil in Vietnam is up to 1.8 million hectares. Nowadays, people’s life is developing more and more with physico-chemical factors that make the soil more polluted and directly affect the health of people. human.

Therefore, soil adaptation and improvement is extremely important. Enterprising farmers, sowing hope in the barren land to reap sweet fruits, from which billionaires on acid soil were born.

Let’s learn about the golden hand in the farming village – Mr. Nguyen Van Sau (Binh Thanh commune, Trang Bang town, Tay Ninh). With an endless love for farming and sympathy for the farmers suffering from acid sulfate soil, he did business and saved as much money as he bought back the abandoned land contaminated with acid sulfate by his relatives. “reviving” this monkey land.

Acidic soil can also get rich
Planting pineapple on acid soil

With the model of growing pineapple on alkaline soil, despite many difficulties, Mr. Sau has achieved success. Here, green pineapple fields are produced with high yield, with economic efficiency 5 times higher than that of rice production with 2 crops/year.

Mr. Sau shared that “Agriculture sometimes takes a lot of courage”, indeed, he is a very reckless and enterprising person, not afraid to lose, and he has achieved worthy results for himself. and the people here.

alkaline soil
Growing oranges on acid soil

Perhaps in life, everyone has eaten oranges, sweet and juicy oranges are both good for health and awaken the taste buds. But can you believe that oranges can also germinate and bear fruit on alkaline soil.

The pioneer in growing oranges on acid sulfate soil is Mr. Huynh Cong Chanh in Tan Trung hamlet, Ta Danh commune, Tri Ton district (An Giang), he boldly improved the land to grow oranges. Unexpectedly, the tree grew up green and bore fruit.

With the average selling price on the market from 18,000 – 20,000 VND/kg of oranges in the off season, it is estimated that he makes a profit of 30 million VND a year. And now he has planted 6 hectares of oranges, combined with rice seed production, has earned 1.2 billion VND/year to help him and his family have a stable life.

In order to grow oranges with high efficiency and productivity, he shared that he has carefully invested in tillage, mulching, alum washing, alum treatment, embankment leveling, automatic irrigation pumping system and plant varieties. … All is not easy, it takes care, patience and passion for cultivation.

How to improve acid soil?

There is no inter-crop production, so there is time for the land to rest and improve and plow after harvest.

Simultaneous application of measures such as removing sour, washing alum, fertilize are effective solutions. Using deep plowing, drying to make the acidification process take place strongly, then it is washed away by rain.

Raise the beds by making the soil into high beds so that the acid layer is covered, and use straw grass on the soil to form an organic buffer.

Acid tolerant plants

Someone once said “When God closes a door and opens a new one at the same time”, God gave us alum soil and also gave us plants that can adapt to the conditions here. We can grow plants such as: jute, watermelon, lemon, guava, sarcophagus (used as a rootstock for oranges, tangerines, grapefruits) …

Although acid acid soil is the quintessence of farmers, but with recklessness, dare to think, cope with difficulties, getting rich even on acid acid soil is an obvious thing.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaneyhttps://agrisearch.net
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