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9 uses of lotus seeds do you know?

Lotus seeds are not only delicious, but also have a lot of effects on the body. Join HAPI Vegan to learn 9 great uses of lotus seeds below.

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Lotus seeds have many uses that we do not know

1. Lotus seeds have sedative effect, easy to sleep

Lotus seeds are a natural medicine that helps to nourish the body and cure insomnia. Lotus seeds contain alkaline substances, aromatic glucocides with sedative effects. After eating lotus seeds, the pancreas secretes insulin to make it easier to sleep.

2. The use of nourishing pregnant women and fetuses in lotus seeds

Adequate nutrition is essential during pregnancy for both mother and fetus. Lotus seeds contain many beneficial nutrients such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Potassium, etc.

3. Lotus seeds also have the use of supporting the treatment of diabetes

Lotus seeds are also known to support the treatment of diabetes. Lotus seeds are low in calories and high in fiber. The minerals in lotus seeds help to reduce the factors that contribute to type II diabetes.

4. Lotus seeds are used to treat headaches

Lotus seeds contain a lot of glucid, protit, .. and many B vitamins, vitamin PP and vitamin C, so they have the ability to reduce headaches and migraines.

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Lotus heart is very effective in treating insomnia

5. Protect the stomach

Lotus seeds have antioxidants, so they have an effective anti-inflammatory effect. This use is very suitable for people with stomach or epigastric diseases.

6. Anti-aging

Lotus seeds contain an enzyme L-isoaspartyl methyltran sfercese that works to repair damaged proteins in the body, helping the skin regain its beauty.

7. Dental care

Bleeding teeth is one of the most common problems. So in dishes you can add lotus seed ingredients to limit this problem.

8. Stimulating eating in children

Lotus seeds help children feel more appetizing. Nutritionists also recommend using lotus seeds in meals to stimulate appetite in children.

9. Stabilize blood pressure and protect the heart

In addition to stimulating eating with children, lotus seeds also have the effect of stabilizing blood pressure and protecting the heart. Antispasmodic alkaloids and isoquinoline present in lotus heart help widen blood vessels, reducing blood pressure.

Here are 9 uses of lotus seeds that you may not know. Add this ingredient to your daily meal for the best health.

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Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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