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9. uses of black sesame, precious food and medicine

Black sesame (also known as black sesame in the South) has a sweet, average taste. The uses of black sesame are very diverse. Black sesame seeds when used carefully, dried with yellow stars. In addition, sesame oil is also pressed for use.

1. Nutrients in Black Sesame

Black sesame seeds are small, but they are packed with nutrients and have many amazing uses. They are rich in vitamins B, E and thiamine. They contain minerals, as well as tryptophan, an amino acid. Black sesame seeds also contain the lignans sesamolin and sesamin, which are effective antioxidants. Very rich in fiber and phytochemicals (phytosterol).

2. Uses of black sesame

Black sesame is both a food and a medicine. There are many very good health effects. Here are 10 uses of black sesame.

2.1. Anti-aging properties.

Uses of black sesame anti-aging
Anti-aging black sesame

According to a study done by Harvard University in 2010, black sesame seeds are rich in B vitamins and iron. And most people with vitamin B deficiency or iron deficiency have symptoms of graying hair, hearing loss and memory loss, signs of aging.

So the nutrients in black sesame seeds can help maintain, slow down the aging process and even save youth.

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2.2. Uses of black sesame: Reduce the risk of cancer.

According to Dr.Ronald DePhino, principal investigator, MDAnderson Cancer Center, Houston, substances found in sesame seeds have a protective effect on the liver, against damage caused by free radicals in the body. In addition, seeds are rich in fiber, lignans (cell strengthening) and phytosterols (phytochemicals). May protect you against the development of colon cancer.

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Use of black sesame to reduce the risk of cancer

2.3. Relieve indigestion and constipation

Dr Amol Ghosh from NRS Hospital in Kolkata, black sesame can help with constipation due to its high fiber content and unsaturated fatty acid content. The oil in the seeds can lubricate your intestines. While the fiber in the seeds helps smooth bowel movements. These seeds also help clear worms from your intestinal tract and improve digestion.

2.4. Blood pressure stable.

Black sesame seeds are rich in magnesium which helps to prevent hypertension. Polyunsaturated fats and sesamin compounds found in sesame oil are known to keep blood pressure levels in check.

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2.5. Black sesame seeds reduce anxiety.

Another use of black sesame for health is good for sleep. The magnesium and calcium in sesame seeds reduce stress. The tryptophan and thiamine in the seeds help produce serotonin. A compound found in the human body that helps relieve pain, balance mood and make deep sleep possible

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2.6. For stronger bones.

According to Dr Gargi Sharma, nutritionist at Aayna clinic in Delhi, osteoporosis is a condition of fragile bones with the potential to fracture easily. Bone mass tends to decrease after age 35, and bone loss occurs more rapidly in women after menopause. Black sesame seeds are high in calcium and zinc that keep your bones strong.

Black sesame reduces pain and inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Thanks to the mineral helps the enzyme lysyl oxidase cross-link with elastin and collagen. Substances that provide elasticity, strength, and structure to joints, bones, and blood vessels.

2.7. Black sesame seeds increase respiratory and vascular health.

The magnesium in the seeds prevents airway constriction in asthmatic patients. It lowers blood pressure, thus helping to protect against diabetic heart disease, stroke and heart attack. It prevents trigeminal constriction of the blood vessels that are the cause of migraine attacks. Helps restore normal sleep patterns, thus helping menopausal women get time to rest and sleep.

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2.8. Black sesame seeds support lactation.

The calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, copper, B vitamins, unsaturated fats and protein in black sesame are all beneficial, especially for women who are breastfeeding. They increase breast milk supply.

2.9. Provide more calcium

Black sesame seeds help prevent various problems, including PMS and migraines.

3. So how to use black sesame?

You can toss them on top of bread like a bagel, and enjoy their nutty, crunchy flavor.

You can also sprinkle them over cereal or salads, or even over desserts like cakes and ice cream. Either mix it into your smoothie or eat it with yogurt, much like chia seeds.

The use of black sesame is extremely many and effective. With a low price of seeds, black sesame is an ideal ingredient for you to put into cooking for yourself and your family.

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