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7 Uses of eggplant and note when using?

Eggplant is a food that contains a lot of nutrients: Vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin K. Besides, there are minerals: calcium, copper, iron and many other nutrients. As a result, it brings many health benefits to users.

Eggplant fruit and its wonderful effects |  iFarm
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1. Eggplant helps to lose weight

Eggplant does not contain fat, contains few calories but contains high fiber content to create a feeling of fullness for a long time. As a result, dieters reduce their appetite. Learn how to make them into delicious dishes so that it becomes your trusted companion.

2. Eggplant helps maintain blood pressure

Eggplant has its own way of protecting our hearts. Thanks to the peel and meat, there are many flavonoids that are important in stabilizing blood pressure and reducing stress.

3. Eggplant reduces the risk of colon cancer

Delicious and healthy eggplant vegetarian dishes
Eggplant is very good for health

Fiber tends to absorb toxins and chemicals that cause cancer. Therefore, the fiber in them plays an important role in limiting the risk of colon cancer. According to some studies, their skin contains more fiber than the flesh. That’s why you should use its shell.

4. Eggplant is a choice for young children

As noted above, they contain iron and calcium. You can cleverly put them in bread, pizza or fry with flour to make nutritious and attractive dishes for children.

5. Eggplant against anemia.

For those who have lost blood or have anemia or have just donated blood, they should use eggplant. The iron and copper present in them are essential components of red blood cells. And red blood cells make up 99% of the visible components of blood.

6. Eggplant helps to quit smoking

Every 10g of eggplant is equivalent to smoking for 3 hours. However, they are not as harmful as smoking. Thanks to that, people who are quitting smoking can choose it as a food support

7. Eggplant is good for bones

The iron and calcium contained in them are good for people at risk of osteoporosis and bone deterioration. In addition, they also have potassium that helps promote the body’s absorption of calcium.

8. Important note when using eggplant

Although they bring many nutrients and benefits to humans, if they do not know how to use them, they can be harmful substances. So, you need to note the following information:

  • DO NOT use too much: Excessive use can be toxic. Solanine in them has a side effect of causing irritation of the respiratory system leading to anesthesia. This substance does not decompose at high temperatures, so when it is brown, add vinegar to make it disappear.
  • DO NOT cook at too high a temperature: Too much heat will make them lose their nutrition. Therefore, the best way to eat it is to simmer or stew.
  • DO eat the skin: The skin of the eggplant does not contain much substance and contains a lot of meat, so when eating, the skin should not be removed.
  • DO add a few slices of ginger: When cooking, you should add ginger to eggplants to reduce their soldering properties. People with diarrhea are also not allowed to use eggplant.
Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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