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7 golden rules to help women lose belly fat on a diet

Feeling that belly fat is not only unsightly but also makes you uncomfortable and lacks confidence? Do not worried. The following article will share 7 dietary principles to reduce belly fat, helping you soon own an attractive slim waist.

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1. Add a lot of fiber

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Diet to lose belly fat

High-fiber foods have long been recommended by nutritionists to reduce belly fat. Fiber is not only beneficial for the digestive tract, but also very good for those who want to have a slim waistline.

Fiber is abundant in green vegetable foods such as broccoli (cauliflower), cabbage, apples, grapefruit, oranges, …. These foods contain a lot of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins necessary to help lose weight and beautify the skin.

2. Drink lots of water

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Diet to lose belly fat

Filtered water cools the body, does not contain chemicals that affect your weight loss process. Water makes you feel full. Limiting the amount of food loaded into the body reduces weight, detoxifies, helps skin smooth, bright and beautiful.

Remember to only drink filtered water to support weight loss, do not drink alcoholic beverages, containing stimulants. These drinks are not good for the liver, kidneys, stomach but also cause belly fat.

3. Control the amount of sodium

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Diet to lose belly fat

Salt is the main source of sodium for the body on a daily basis. Although sodium is essential for the body, it should not be consumed in excess. When sodium exceeds the allowable threshold it causes bloating because sodium is water-retaining and water is retained in places where there is too much sodium, especially in the abdomen.

4. Snack at dinner

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Diet to lose belly fat

Your metabolic rate at night is very low, and during sleep your body doesn’t consume too much energy. This means that most of what you eat at night will be stored in your body instead of being converted into energy. That’s why you need to eat less at dinner to lose belly fat.

5. Divide three meals into small meals

Eating small meals is much more effective than eating just three large meals in a day. This helps keep your digestive system as well as your metabolic system working more efficiently. In addition, small amounts of food will be digested and burned a lot more quickly. Compared to large amounts of food in large meals.

6. Reduce stress

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Diet to lose belly fat

When you are stressed, you tend to eat more as well as eat inappropriate foods. Therefore, reducing stress is an extremely important secret in reducing belly fat. Moreover, when stressed, the digestive system will not function optimally. This will cause increased fat in the stomach making you belly fat.

7. Eat Whole Grains

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Diet to lose belly fat

Whole grains are essential foods to help you have a slim waist. The belly fat reduction diet should focus on consuming less refined carbohydrates (processed grains). Because refined carbohydrates spike blood sugar and insulin levels. This causes fat to be stored in the abdomen, causing belly fat. Many studies prove that diets rich in whole grains are more effective in reducing belly fat.

Whole grains have an outer shell, which is rich in fiber and nutrients. So whole grains keep you full longer than refined grains, giving you more control over your portion sizes.

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