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6 things to note to take care of the best houseplants

Indoor plants
Must know how to take care of indoor plants

In order to take care of the best indoor plants, it is necessary to be attentive and meticulous in the process of planting and caring for ornamental plants, so many people choose to buy fake plants just for decorative purposes. This is not only expensive but also very laborious to clean because they are very easy to collect dust and difficult to clean. Therefore, here are the secrets of care best houseplants help those who are lazy or lazy in taking care of bonsai.

Reference: Plants should be grown in the house to help them become rich and healthy.

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Choose plants that are easy to care for for the best indoor plants

Indoor plants

If you do not have much time for indoor plants but are a person who likes to have a green space, likes to grow plants, mini bonsai are easy to grow, do not require sophisticated care or skillful hands. would be the best choice.

Do not be foolish because of the love of beauty, but choose ornamental plants that need meticulous and sophisticated care if you do not want to feel disappointed, lose both lead and fishing when you see the scene of your potted plants withered and deciduous. .

Sunshine makes the best houseplants

When arranging indoor plants, ensure adequate light for the plants. Young people often tend to put plants in the living room or balcony. So the balcony must be a sunny location, and in the living room, you should make sure to place the plant in a location where there is about 2-3 hours of natural light to help the best indoor plants.

If your home is too narrow to receive sunlight but still want to take care of the best indoor plants, you should use more sunlight (day – light), the light emitted from this lamp is like the light of the sun. Sunlight helps plants photosynthesize like outdoors.

Should not direct sunlight to avoid damaging the plant or possibly causing the plant to die due to dehydration. The place to take care of plants should always be a cool place and fresh air. Take care to avoid strong winds.

How to water the best indoor plants?

When should the plants be watered?

water the plants

Before watering your plants, be sure to check that your plants really need watering. The top of the soil may feel dry, but the bottom is quite moist. An easy test: use your finger in the soil up to the second knuckle.

If you feel dry at your fingertips, your plant needs water. Humidity can change quickly on a hot summer day, so a potted plant that feels quite damp in the morning could dry out by mid-afternoon.

How to water properly?

Should be watered until the water drains out of the holes in the bottom of your container. Depending on the size of your pot, many of the roots will hang to the bottom, and wetting the pot ensures that the water gets all the way to the bottom roots. This also encourages roots to grow below the pot for best indoor plant growth.

Do not water at night as evening watering can cause water to sit on leaves overnight, which can cause fungal diseases such as powdery mildew.

Do not water the leaves especially those with hairy leaves, are susceptible to sunburn if you leave water on their leaves in the sun. Even if your leaves are smooth, you still need to water the soil, not the leaves.

Don’t wait for it to rain, Check the soil regularly. A plant’s foliage and flowers can act as an umbrella and actually trap water from your soil, removing water from the potted plant. Therefore, even if it rains heavily, it is not sure that the tree can replenish enough water.

The best way to water houseplants is:

Water only when the plant really needs watering, not too much watering.

You can use a water sprayer for plants, in summer should spray twice a day and in winter, only once a day to increase humidity, help clean leaves, good for plants to photosynthesize, create conditions for plants. indoors as best as possible.

Automated home watering system
automatic watering system

If possible, use an automatic watering system to save your effort. However, there are places in your home that do not apply this method and if your garden has many different crops intercropped, this method should not be applied.

Best fertilizer for houseplants

Many of you often choose to apply the fertilizers that farmers often use to help the best indoor plants. But in my opinion, take advantage of the leftover rice washing water in the house to water the plants because it is also a natural fertilizer that is also very good for the growth of the plant and saves the caretaker’s labor.

The best disease prevention for indoor plants

Indoor plants can be used to kill mosquitoes. For plants with powdery mildew, they can be wiped clean with a wet cloth or alcohol-soaked cloth. If the disease level becomes serious, it is forced to leave the tree outdoors and then treat the tree. After a while, bring the plant back into the house to take care of it as usual.

The best way to restore wilting for indoor plants

If you find that your tree has yellowed, withered leaves, you should just cut them off, water them fully, and at the same time, you can mix a low amount of nitrogen into the water to irrigate the plants. Watering cycle once a week, after each cycle gradually increase the dose. As the cycle goes on for 2 to 3 months, the concentration will gradually increase.

When you notice that the tree has come back to life, you should change the soil, it is best to make use of decayed soil and alluvial soil to plant, pay attention to fertilize with more northern fertilizer before planting.

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