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5 steps to take care of durian most effectively after harvest

How to take care of durian after harvest
How to take care of durian after harvest

The problem of durian after harvest is always a concern of farmers, because it is difficult to plant and take care of, it is even more difficult. However, it is not easy for the tree to both give high yield and grow stably. In which, the take care of durians after harvest Recovery after harvests is extremely important. Now let’s learn with AgriSearch.net to learn 5 important post-harvest care of durian to help the tree stay healthy and grow stably.

Why recovery for durian?

During the cultivation process, both objective and subjective reasons have seriously affected the health, growth and longevity of plants. So the following causes have direct and long-term effects on trees:

Why take care of durian after harvest?
Why take care of durian after harvest?

– Squeezing water: People squeeze water to create drought, stimulate flowering plants, and has been applied extremely popularly in durian cultivation. However, squeezing the water and covering the latex for a long time will affect the growth, the tree will gradually weaken and reduce its lifespan.

– Stimulate flowering with chemicals: The current state of chemical flower treatment is quite common. Although thanks to this, the new economic value is high, but the abuse of chemicals makes the tree lose its natural balance, affecting growth and even tree death.

Using too much chemical fertilizer: Using too much chemical fertilizer to harvest quickly will bring many unpredictable consequences. The most direct effect is making the soil degraded, the root system underdeveloped and especially the loss of natural microflora in the soil. The plant has poor resistance to pests and diseases and is likely to be poisoned in the long run.

– Leave a lot of fruit on the tree: After harvesting, durian often produces a lot of flowers and fruits in the same season, so often we will leave many fruits on the tree to have a high yield, but after that season the tree will be weak. and significantly reduced vitality.

– Dry season salinization: In recent years, the situation of salinization and lack of fresh water in the dry season has directly affected the health and ability to absorb nutrients of durian.

Here are 5 important steps to take care of durians after harvest to help them stay healthy and grow steadily:

How to take care of durian after harvest

Prune branches, create canopy

Prune leaves and branches of durian
Prune leaves and branches of durian

Pruning after harvest is very important, making the garden open, reducing the impact of pests and diseases, nutrients are concentrated to help plants recover, ensuring the next crop’s yield. Above all, for perennial durian gardens, pruning is even more important, limiting the arising of pus. Tree pruning includes:

– People cut and prune wild shoots, the rest is on the trunk.

– People cut off diseased branches, old and weak branches, dry branches, overhanging branches, and dark branches.

– In order to minimize the phenomenon of body cracking, pus discharge. After harvesting, people need to cut off the lower branches (growing less than 1m from the ground up).

– People need to cut off the branches that grow upright or grow back inside the canopy, any branches that are lower than 1m from the ground because these branches are often easily attacked and destroyed by pests and diseases.

Cleaning durian garden after harvest

With durian after harvest, people need to carry out general cleaning of the garden to limit the pathogens that still exist. People use lime powder mixed with water to sweep around the main trunk of the durian tree from the ground to about 1m to prevent pests and diseases.

Water management of durian garden after harvest

Water is not important because it determines the ability of durian trees to recover after harvest. People need to maintain a stable water level from 70-90cm.

Water to irrigate durian after harvest
Water to irrigate durian after harvest

People need to ensure enough watering, but still have to make sure the garden is well ventilated to drain well, avoid waterlogging, high humidity, causing fungal growth. Securing water will help plants better absorb nutrients. From there, the tree will quickly recover.

Management of pests and diseases of durian after harvest

With the work of taking care of durians after harvest, people note the time when the tree produces buds and young buds. This is the period when durian is susceptible to attack by pests and diseases: leafhoppers, leafhoppers, anthracnose…. In order to improve the yield and quality, the value of durian should be used biological measures, minimizing the use of pesticides.


Durian after harvest needs to be provided with nutrients to recover and grow, in order for the tree to ensure the yield for the next crop, farmers need to use organic fertilizers and micro-organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers, in addition to providing enough macronutrients and micronutrients, also supplement the necessary amount of microorganisms to help improve soil.

To share more with people, vermicompost is a suitable fertilizer and has received the trust of many people in the recovery and improvement of the land for growing durian after harvest. With completely organic origin but still diverse in nutrients, vermicompost makes plants increase their resistance, supplement a variety of nutrients, help durian trees develop root system, stimulate sprouting. shoots and especially soil improvement. Information about vermicompost for you will be clear at the link below:

Note, when fertilizing durian trees, fertilize according to the canopy and should create a trench to fertilize. Helps plants absorb maximum nutrients for growth.

With only the above 5 care steps, people can rest assured that the next post-harvest durian color will bring back quality and more productive products than the previous crop if applied correctly and carefully. techniques that we have shared.

Wish you success with your post-harvest durian garden following the results of the previous crop!

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